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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

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Meridith Grant Senior Lecturer

Developmental Psychology Development of Social Cognition [email protected] email
972-883-4108 phone

Shayla Holub Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting, Socialization of Eating Behaviors and Weight Attitudes, Self-Perceptions [email protected] email
972-883-4473 phone
Healthy Development Project website

Mandy Maguire Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology Developmental Cognitive and Linguistics Neuroscience [email protected] email
214-905-3163 phone
Developmental Neurolinguistics Laboratory website

Candice Mills Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology Development of Social Cognition and Critical Thinking [email protected] email
972-883-4475 phone
Think Lab website

Jackie Nelson Assistant Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting, Family Stress, Emotional Processes within the Family System; Children's Emotional Development [email protected] email
972-883-4478 phone
Family Research Lab website

Margaret Owen Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting and Family Processes, Early Childcare, Self Regulation and School Readiness [email protected] email
972-883-6876 phone
DPReP Laboratory; Center for Children and Families website

John Santrock Professor

Developmental Psychology Family Processes and Adolescent Development [email protected] email
972-883-2097 phone

Noah Sasson Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology Social Cognition in Autism [email protected] email
972-883-2541 phone
Development of Social Cognition Lab website

Melanie Spence Professor

Developmental Psychology Infant Perception and Learning [email protected] email
972-883-2206 phone
Infant Learning Project website

Marion K. Underwood

Developmental Psychology Anger, Aggression, Gender and Children's Peer Relationships [email protected] email