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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Faculty Directory








Hervé Abdi Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Memory and Cognition, Quantitative Models, Neuroimaging, Genomics [email protected] email
972-883-2065 phone
Personal Website website

Robert Ackerman Assistant Professor

Social/Personality Psychology Individual Differences in Interpersonal Relationships [email protected] email
972-883-2346 phone
The Personality and Interpersonal Relationships (PAIR) Laboratory website

Michelle Aldridge Clinical Lecturer

Infant Communicative Development and Autism [email protected] email
214-905-3142 phone

Peter Assmann Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Hearing Science, Speech Science Speech Perception and Psychoacoustics [email protected] email
972-883-2435 phone
Speech Perception Research Laboratory website

James Bartlett Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Memory and Cognition, Aging [email protected] email
972-883-2079 phone
Bartlett Laboratory

Chandramallika Basak Assistant Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Aging and Plasticity [email protected] email
972-883-3724 phone
Lifespan Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory website

Dawn Brinkley Senior Lecturer

Digital Communication and Child and Adolescent Development, Parent-Child Relationships and Academic Achievement [email protected] email
972-883-4746 phone

Thomas Campbell Professor

Language Science, Speech Science Pediatric Speech and Language [email protected] email
214-905-3001 phone
Callier Center for Communication Disorders website
Speech, Language, Cognition and Communication

Jessica Carter Senior Lecturer I

Preschool Language and Phonology, Bilingualism, Autism [email protected] email
214-905-3013 phone

Sandra Bond Chapman Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Language Science Brain Plasticity & Neurocognitive Rehabilitation; Brain Injury, Brain Disease and Healthy Aging [email protected] email
214-905-3007 phone
Center for BrainHealth website

Jackie Clark Clinical Professor

Pediatric Audiology, Speech in Noise Performance, Otoacoustic Emissions and Evoked Potentials [email protected] email
214-905-3031 phone
Personal Website website

Carol Cokely Clinical Professor

Clinical Education and Adult Aural Rehabilitation [email protected] email
214-905-3125 phone
Personal Website website

Lucinda Dean Clinical Lecturer

Communication Disorders, Pediatric Feeding/Swallowing Disorders, Childhood Motor Speech Disorders, Public School Methods

[email protected] email
972-883-3654 phone

Christine Dollaghan Professor

Language Science Child Language Development and Disorders [email protected] email
214-905-3063 phone
Speech, Language, Cognition and Communication

Jay Dowling Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Memory and Cognition, Audition, Music Cognition [email protected] email
972-883-2059 phone
Music Perception and Cognition (MPaC) Laboratory website

Greg Dussor Associate Professor

Neuroscience Neurobiology of Pain, Migraine, Neuropharmacology [email protected] email
972-883-2385 phone
Pain Neurobiology Research Group website

Julia L. Evans Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Language Science Cognitive Neuroscience of Child Language Development, Language Learning Impairments and Specific Language Impairments (SLI) [email protected] email
972-883-3105 phone
Child Language and Cognitive Processes Laboratory website

Donna Ewing Senior Lecturer I

[email protected] email
972-883-4476 phone

Francesca Filbey Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Neurogenetics of Addictive Behavior [email protected] email
972-883-3311 phone
Filbey Lab website

Richard Golden Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Quantitative Models in Cognition [email protected] email
972-883-2423 phone
Professor Golden's Personal Web Page website

Meridith Grant Senior Lecturer

Developmental Psychology Development of Social Cognition [email protected] email
972-883-4108 phone

Marjorie Grantham Clinical Associate Professor

Hearing Science Hearing Science, multi-modal perception, and auditory attention [email protected] email
214-905-3176 phone

Xiaosi Gu Assistant Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Computational Psychiatry, Social and Decision Neuroscience [email protected] email
214-905-3007 phone
Computational Psychiatry Unit website

John Hart Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience of Semantic Memory [email protected] email
214-905-3403 phone

Shayla Holub Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting, Socialization of Eating Behaviors and Weight Attitudes, Self-Perceptions [email protected] email
972-883-4473 phone
Healthy Development Project website

Karen Huxtable-Jester
Senior Lecturer

Intergenerational Transmission of Abuse, Attachment Theory, Self-Reflection and Change in Personal Belief Systems [email protected] email
972-883-6434 phone

Nancy Juhn Senior Lecturer

State Children's Health Insurance: Access, Service Delivery and Outreach to Low Income Children [email protected] email
972-883-4981 phone

Heidi Kane Assistant Professor

Social/Personality Psychology Close Relationships, Stress, Support and Coping, Health [email protected] email
972-883-4469 phone
Close Relationships and Health Lab website

Karen Kaplan Clinical Lecturer

Pediatric Speech, Language and Feeding Disorders [email protected] email
972-883-3653 phone

William Katz Professor

Speech Science Speech Science and Neurolinguistics [email protected] email
214-905-3188 phone
Personal Website website

Helen Kenedi Clinical Lecturer

Adult Dysphagia and Language Disorders [email protected] email
214-905-3112 phone

Kristen Kennedy Assistant Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive-Neuroscience Healthy Aging of Brain Structure, Function and Cognition [email protected] email
972-883-3739 phone
Kennedy Neuroimaging of Aging and Cognition (KNAC) Lab website

Michael Kilgard Professor

Neuroscience Principles of Cortical Plasticity [email protected] email
972-883-2339 phone
Cortical Plasticity Laboratory website
Texas Biomedical Device Center website
VNS Stroke Trial website

Daniel Krawczyk Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Cognition and Neuroscience of Reasoning, Memory, and Attention [email protected] email
972-883-4474 phone
Krawczyk Laboratory website

Sven Kroener Assistant Professor

Neuroscience Synaptic Transmission in the Prefrontal Cortex, Schizophrenia, Drug Addiction [email protected] email
972-883-2039 phone
Cellular and Synaptic Physiology Lab website

Colleen Le Prell Professor

Hearing Science Hearing Loss Prevention [email protected] email
214-905-3018 phone

Edward Lobarinas Associate Professor

Hearing Science Hearing Loss, Tinnitus [email protected] email
972-883-3002 phone

Janice Lougeay Senior Lecturer

Director of Clinical Education, Autism, Stuttering and Voice [email protected] email
214-905-3114 phone

Mandy Maguire Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology, Language Science, Cognitive-Neuroscience Developmental Cognitive and Linguistics Neuroscience [email protected] email
214-905-3163 phone
Developmental Neurolinguistics Laboratory website

Jeffrey Martin Clinical Associate Professor

Hearing Science Auditory Electrophysiology, Auditory Processing Disorders, and Aging [email protected] email
214-905-3078 phone

Christa McIntyre Rodriguez Associate Professor

Neuroscience Neurobiology of Learning and Memory [email protected] email
972-883-2235 phone
Neurobiology of Memory Lab website

Steven McWilliams Senior Lecturer

Neuroscience Chemotherapeutic-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain [email protected] email
972-883-6785 phone

Van Miller Senior Lecturer

Neuroscience Neonatal neurology, Developmental neurobiology [email protected] email
972-883-4229 phone

Candice Mills Associate Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social/Personality Psychology Development of Social Cognition and Critical Thinking [email protected] email
972-883-4475 phone
Think Lab website

Aage Moller Professor

Hearing Science, Neuroscience Sensory Neuroscience and Plasticity [email protected] email
972-883-4306 phone
Personal Website website

Jackie Nelson Assistant Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting, Family Stress, Emotional Processes within the Family System; Children's Emotional Development [email protected] email
972-883-4478 phone
Family Research Lab website

Alice O'Toole Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Visual Perception, Quantitative Models [email protected] email
972-883-2486 phone
Face Perception Research Lab website

Margaret Owen Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting and Family Processes, Early Childcare, Self Regulation and School Readiness [email protected] email
972-883-6876 phone
DPReP Laboratory; Center for Children and Families website

Denise Park Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging [email protected] email
972-883-3255 phone
Park Aging Mind Laboratory website

Amy Pinkham Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Social Cognition in Schizophrenia [email protected] email
972-883-4462 phone
The Schizophrenia and Social Cognition Lab website

Jonathan Ploski Assistant Professor

Neuroscience Molecular and Biochemical Mechanisms of Synaptic Plasticity, Emotional Learning and Memory [email protected] email
972-883-2014 phone
Ploski Lab website

Karen Prager Professor

Social/Personality Psychology Intimacy Development, Marital Relations, and Depression [email protected] email
972-883-2353 phone
The Couples' Daily Lives Project website; Gender Studies website

Theodore Price
Associate Professor

Neuroscience Neurobiology of Pain, Molecular Mechanisms of Plasticity, Neuropharmacology [email protected] email
972-883-4311 phone
Pain Neurobiology Research Group website

Kenneth Pugh Master Clinician

Hearing Instruments, Cochlear Implantation, Tinnitus [email protected] email
214-905-3008 phone

Robert Rennaker Professor

Neuroscience Neural Engineering [email protected] email
972-883-4696 phone

Karen Rodrigue Assistant Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging [email protected] email
972-883-3738 phone

Ross Roeser Professor

Hearing Science Auditory System Function and Dysfunction [email protected] email
214-905-3002 phone

Raul Rojas Assistant Professor

Language Science Bilingual Development and Child Language [email protected] email
214-905-3162 phone
Personal Website website

Pamela Rollins Associate Professor

Language Science Early Social Communication and Autism [email protected] email
214-905-3153 phone
Social Communication Lab website

Michael Rugg Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience of Episodic Memory [email protected] email
972-883-3725 phone
fNIM Laboratory website

Bart Rypma Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Cognitive and Neural Bases of Working Memory and Aging [email protected] email
972-883-4472 phone
NeuroPsychometric Research (NPR) Laboratory website

Felicity Sale Clinical Lecturer

Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders [email protected] email
972-883-3655 phone

John Santrock Professor

Developmental Psychology Family Processes and Adolescent Development [email protected] email
972-883-2097 phone

Noah Sasson Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology Social Cognition in Autism [email protected] email
972-883-2541 phone
Development of Social Cognition Lab website

Melanie Spence Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology Infant Perception and Learning [email protected] email
972-883-2206 phone
Infant Learning Project website

Robert Stillman Professor

Language Science Preverbal Communication, Autism [email protected] email
214-905-3106 phone

John Stilwell Clinical Professor

Psychological Sciences of Peaceful Resolution of disputes by alternative (extra judicial) methods: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration [email protected] email
972-883-2360 phone

Linda Thibodeau Professor

Hearing Science Amplification and Speech Perception of the Hearing Impaired [email protected] email
214-905-3108 or 972-883-3463 phone
Personal Website website

Tres Thompson Associate Professor

Neuroscience Neuronal Mechanisms of Memory and Aging [email protected] email
972-883-4933 phone
Aging & Memory Research Laboratory website

Emily Touchstone Senior Lecturer

Social Cognition, Language and Literacy [email protected] email
972-883-3626 phone

Hanna Ulatowska Professor

Language Science Neurolinguistics, Aging, Aphasia [email protected] email
214-905-3101 phone

Marion K. Underwood

Developmental Psychology Anger, Aggression, Gender and Children's Peer Relationships [email protected] email

Anne van Kleeck Professor

Language Science Child Language, Preliteracy [email protected] email
214-905-3147 phone
Language and Literacy Laboratory website

Sven Vanneste Associate Professor

Hearing Science, Neuroscience Auditory and Integrative Neuroscience [email protected] email
214-905-3176 phone
Lab for Auditory & Integrative Neuroscience website

Diane Garst Walsh
Clinical Lecturer

Language Science, Speech Science [email protected] email
972-883-3610 phone

Jun Wang Assistant Professor

Speech Science Speech Science and Assistive Technology [email protected] email
972-883-6821 phone
Speech Disorders & Technology Lab website

Andrea Warner-Czyz
Assistant Professor

Hearing Science Infant and Child Speech Perception, Cochlear Implants, Quality of Life of Children with Hearing Loss [email protected] email
214-905-3124 phone
The CHildren and Infant Listening Laboratory (CHILL) website

Gagan Wig Assistant Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory, Brain Networks and Aging [email protected] email
972-883-3731 phone
The Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab website