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Jan 16 Timothy T. Brown, PhD Multimodal and Multidemensional Imaging of Child Brain Development
Jan 23 Kathleen R. Bell, MD
 Six Easy Steps: Problem Solving After TBI
Jan 30 Michael P. Milham, MD, PhD Unraveling the Miswired Connectome: A Developmental Perspective
Feb 20 Tal Yarkoni, PhD Neurosynth: An Open Framework for Large Scale Synthesis of the MRI Literature
Mar 25 Brown, PhD Individual Differences in Child Brain Development
Apr 3 Kim Fromme, PhD Adolescent Alcohol Abuse and Risk-Taking Behaviors
Apr 24 Tatiana T. Schnur, PhD Why Words are Sometimes Hard to Say and Understand: A Brain-Behavior Approach
May 1 Genevera Allen, PhD Population Inference for Functional Brain Connectivity
June 12 Emily Rogalski, PhD Neurobiology and Psychosocial Features of Cognitive SuperAgers


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Jan 10, 2014 Madhukar Trivedi, MD Biosignatures of Treatment Response for Depression: A Multi-Modal Approach for Personalized Treatment
Jan 17 Lieutenant General (Retired) and Rick Lynch (US Army) Adapt or Die: Leadership Principles from an American General
Jan 24 Amelia Eisch, PhD

Mice on Mars: Effects of Space Flight and Space Radiation on Brain and Behavior

Jan 31 Henry Mahncke, PhD Cognitive Training: From Basic Science to Real World Uses
Feb 14 Sven Vanneste, PhD A Bayesian Perspective of Why the Brain Generates a Phantom Percept and Neuromodulation as a Possible Panacea
Feb 21 Kevin Pelphrey, PhD Searching for Neuroendophenotypes of Autism
Feb 28 Dawn Neumann PhD and James Malec, PhD Emotion Recognition and Regulation after TBI and Modern Measurement Techniques for Evaluating Behavioral Interventions in Rehabilitation
Mar 14 Lieutenant General PK Carlton, MD (Surgeon General USAF, Retired) TBI in the Military: A Historical Review and Look to the Future
Mar 21 Cindy De Frias, PhD Promoting Successful Cognitive Aging
Mar 28 Julia Evans, PhD Family Differences in Human Brain Organization: How Brain Structure Differs for Adolescents with Specific Language Impairment and Their Siblings

Apr 4


Talk Canceled
Paula Grammas, Ph.D Eating and Drinking and Other Strategies to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Apr 11 Robert Root-Bernstein, PhD Rethinking Thinking: What the Arts Can Teach Us About Cognition
Apr 18


Talk Canceled
Kyle Womack, MD DTI in Retired NFL Players
Apr 25 Gagan Wig, PhD The Human Brain as a Social Network: How Brain Connectivity Changes Across the Adult Lifespan
May 9 Jacquelyn Gamino, PhD Middle School Madness: Changing Learning in Public Schools
May 16 Lori Cook, PhD Cognitive-Communication Challenges in Pediatric Brain Injury: Promising Metrics to Advance Brain Repair
May 23 L. Douglas Kiel, PhD The Brains of Leaders Study: An Exploratory Study of the Brains of Local Leaders
May 30 Amy J. Jak, PhD Innovations in Assessment and Treatment of Post-Concussive Symptoms in Veterans
Jun 6 Christopher Filley, MD White Matter Dementia
Jun 13 Nicole Phillips, PhD The Role of Mitochondrial Genetic Variation in Alzheimer's Risk and Progression
Jun 23 Xiaosi Gu, PhD Computational Psychiatry and Neurology: Repairing Dysfunctional Emotions and Decisions
Jun 27 Yi-Yuan Tang, PhD Brief Intervention Improves Self-Control & Promotes Psycho-Physiological Health: Mechanisms and Action
Jul 18 Asha Vas, PhD Can Abstract Attitude be Restored After a Traumatic Brain Injury?
Sep 12 John D. Corrigan, PhD, ABPP TBI and Public Health: Emerging Issues
Sep 26 Paula Grammas, PhD Eating and Drinking and Other Strategies to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Oct 3 Lin Lin, EdD and Thomas D. Parsons, PhD Cognition, Technology and Learning
Oct 10 James Brewer, MD, PhD An Expanded Role for Biomarkers in the Clinical Evaluation of Cognitive Impairment: Toward Improved Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Disease
Oct 17 Kristen Kennedy, PhD Aging, Cognition and the Brain: Structural and Functional Associations
Oct 31 Kenneth S. Kosik, MD Stalking an Alzheimer Gene in the Far Mountains of Colombia
Nov 3 Xiaosi Gu, PhD Neural Computations Underlying Social Interaction: Emotion, Empathy and Equity
Nov 7 Sarah Feldstein-Ewing, PhD Evaluating and Improving Adolescent Health Risk Prevention and Intervention Programming via the Brain
Dec 5 Timothy McQueeny, PhD Drug Use and the Changing Brain: Developmental Insights to Addictions Neuroscience
Dec 12 Joseph Dunlop, PhD Fusing fMRI Tasks to Understand Chronic Substance Abuse


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Jan 23

Elliot M. Frohman, MD, PhD, FAAN

Thinking about Thinking in MS: The Eye as a Window for Interrogating the Pathobiological Underpinnings of Cognitive and Energetic Derangements
Feb 13 Michael Businelle, PhD Reducing Tobacco Related Disparities Among the Homeless
Mar 6 Kevin Pelphrey, PhD Searching for Neuroendophenotypes of Autism
Apr 3 Martin Javors, PhD TBA
Apr 10 Arie Kluganski, PhD Food for Thought: On the Energetics of Cognition
Apr 17 Hanna Ulatowska, PhD Narrative Medicine: Recovery from Aphasia and Literary Careers

Aug 30

Leanne Hirshfield, PhD Using a Suite of Non-Invasive Sensors to Predict Levels of Cognitive Load, Trust, and Suspicion in Computer Users
Sep 13 Christa McIntyre, PhD Acute Stress Effects on Memory Consolidation: Interactions of Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems
Sept 20 Judson Brewer, MD, PhD Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: Adventures in Meditation Using
Sep 27 Bonnie Pitman, MA Formal Art Observation Training Improves Medical Students Visual Diagnostic Skills
Oct 25 Bart Rypma, PhD How Do Age Related Blood-Flow Changes Affect Neural Activity in Older Brains?
Nov 22 Sven Kroener, PhD Neuroplasticity in the Prefrontal Cortex and its Potential Contribution to Drug Addiction and Schizophrenia
Dec 13 Alan Astel, PhD Motivation to Remember Important Information in Old Age: The Strategic Use of Metamemory and Value-Directed Remembering


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Jan 11

Tim Odegard, PhD

A Bio Psycho Social Perspective on Treatment Response in Children with Developmental Dyslexia
Jan 18

Sherwood Brown, MD, PhD

Blocking the Effects of Stress or Corticosteroids on the Human Brain
Feb 1 David Arciniegas, MD Attention and Memory Problems After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: New Perspectives on an Old Problem

Feb 22

Matt Masconi, PhD

Mar 7 Robert Greene, MD, PhD TBA
Mar 21 Amilia Eisch, PhD TBA
Apr 4

Dan Krawczyk, PhD

James Bartlett, PhD

May 23 Craig Powell, MD, PhD TBA

Oct 17

Rob Rennaker, PhD

Closing the Loop: Targeted Plasticity for the Treatment of Brain Injuries
Oct 24 Daniel Yang, PhD Explaining the Link Between Autistic Traits and Ingroup Relationships: The Social-Acting Hypothesis
Oct 31 Carol Tamminga, MD Psychosis as a Learning and Memory Disorder
Nov 14 Gerri Hanten, PhD Cognition and Resilience in Acute Risk Youth: Preliminary Studies
Nov 28 Chandramallika Basak, PhD Different Slopes for Different Strokes: Effective Strategies, Transfer and Biomarkers of Complex Skill Acquisition
Dec 7 Deanna Wallace-Black, PhD The Role of Striatal and Prefrontal Cortical Dopamine in Food Choice and Health Perception


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