UT Dallas Audit Charter

The UT Dallas Audit Charter outlines the requirements and responsibilities of the internal audit activity. The Charter states that the internal audit activity, with strict accountability for confidentiality and safeguarding records and information, is authorized full, free, and unrestricted access to any and all university records, physical properties, and personnel pertinent to carrying out any engagement. More information about the UT Dallas Audit Charter can be found here.

Organizational Structure

The Audit Charter also provides for the independence of the internal auditing activity. The Chief Audit Executive (CAE) reports functionally to the institutional audit committee. The CAE also reports administratively to the President and also the Vice President and Chief of Staff and has an indirect reporting relationship to the UT System Chief Audit Executive. The UT Dallas Audit Organization Chart can be found here.

UT Dallas Institutional Audit Committee Charter

The UT Dallas Institutional Audit Committee is responsible for assisting and advising the UT System Audit, Compliance, and risk Management Committee and the UT Dallas President as outlined in its Charter. More information about the UT Dallas Audit Committee can be found here.

Texas Internal Auditing Act

The Texas Internal Auditing Act requires state agencies meeting certain requirements to conduct a program of internal auditing in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Act. The Act requires auditors to follow professional auditing standards: Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and its related Code of Ethics, and generally accepted government auditing standards.

UTS 129, Internal Audit Activities

In accordance with the Act, the University of Texas System policy on Internal Audit Activities also provides guidelines for the establishment of University of Texas System internal audit programs.