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Office of Audit and Compliance

Our Committees

Much of what we do is overseen by the Audit & Compliance Committee or done in partnership with the Compliance Subcommittee.

Audit and Compliance Committee

This executive-level committee provides high-level oversight for the Office of Audit and Compliance.



Compliance Subcommittee

This committee is comprised of members of campus leadership that help carry out university compliance efforts.


To advise and assist in the performance of specific tasks in the compliance program, such as:

The subcommittee is an information-sharing and awareness-raising advisory group that:

Are you a compliance subcommittee member?

We have resources to help you.


Subcommittee members are appointed by the President with advice from the Chief Compliance Officer.

Member Office/Department Contact
Attari, Peggy Information Security (972) 883-6875
Austell, Paula Development and Alumni Relations (972) 883-5382
Bernoussi, Reda Accounting & Financial Reporting (972) 883-2676
Beverly, Wanda Financial Services (972) 883-4268
Bond, Pete Procurement Management (972) 883-2301
Bratt, Paula Office of Development (972) 883-2151
Cantwell, Adam Payroll (972) 883-2611
Casey, Cristen International Student Services (972) 883-4189
Dempsey, Richard Facilities Management (972) 883-2141
Dutton, Colleen Human Resources Management (972) 883-2130
Fitch, Gene Dean of Students (972) 883-6391
Gage, Chris Athletics (972) 883-2055
Hale, Jeri Information Resources (972) 883-5224
Huckaba, Richard Academic Affairs And Provost (972) 883-4067
Jackson, John Undergraduate Education (972) 883-6805
Kratz, Abby Exec VP Academic Affairs & Provost (972) 883-6742
Leaf, Murray Faculty Senate (972) 883-2732
Lewis, Judy Callier Center (972) 883-3048
Mayes, Jennifer Financial Compliance (972) 883-4788
McDowell, Jennifer Registrar (972) 883-6301
Okhovat, Sanaz Research Compliance (972) 883-4579
Stephens, Toni Audit and Compliance (972) 883-4876
Taccino, Lori Contracts and Grants (972) 833-2173
Tolan, Beth Financial Aid (972) 883-4037
Wright, James Environmental Health & Safety (972) 883-2381
Zacharias, Larry University Police (972) 883-2232

Last updated: November 21, 2013