About the Building

Early in our planning for the new Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology building, the faculty asked our architects to design a building that would serve as the “web pages” for our academic programs. The building is to showcase the energy and talent of our productive students and committed researchers. It is to serve as a transparent exhibition showcase for the students’ work in the visual arts, computer animation, game design, digital sound design, mobile applications, e-publishing and social networks. The building’s classrooms, laboratories, studios and conference spaces support new ways to learn and work in a community immersed in innovative practices. The academic programs exhibit UT Dallas’ work as well as the work of our international partners in virtual displays, exhibitions, conferences and network publications.

The Arts and Technology (ATEC) and Visual Arts programs are generating an unmatched talent pool of digital content designers, researchers, artists and developers. Many of our students dream of employment in world-famous animation and gaming studios where they develop novel entertainment releases for international audiences. Other graduates hope to join with entrepreneurs to form new companies to produce work for educational, medical, communications, security, and engineering applications. Future companies will require digital content and communications experts in all areas of their enterprise.

UT Dallas, Arts and Technology, is becoming an “unavoidable destination” for recruiters from these companies. Our 1,150 majors (and soon to be 2000 students) present our State and the Nation with unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in all things digital, social and mobile.

Our exceptional faculty in Arts and Technology, Emerging Media and Communications and Visual Arts have worked in collaboration with Engineering and Computer Science, Management, and the Sciences to create this successful program. Our faculty have created this vision. They have challenged the UT Dallas student body to engage with them in driving applications that will improve our collective future.

Thomas E. Linehan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Arts and Technology
The University of Texas at Dallas

Naming Opportunities

Show your support for UT Dallas by naming a space in the new ATEC building. Many opportunities are available, including classrooms, labs, exhibition spaces and studios, and conference rooms.

Photo Tour

Davidow Collection

Dallas collector and educator Joan Davidow has made it her life’s work to teach contemporary art to all who will listen. This passion for her field – and for Texas artists – has culminated in a transformative gift to UT Dallas of 140 original paintings and sculptures. The personal collection, featuring both emerging and mature artists, is on display throughout the university's new Edith O'Donnell Arts and Technology Building and the Erik Jonsson Academic Center.
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About Edith O’Donnell

The Arts and Technology building at UT Dallas bears the name of one of Texas’ most generous philanthropists in honor of her long-standing dedication to higher education, scientific research and the arts.

Known for their civic and business leadership, Edith O’Donnell and her husband, Peter, and the O’Donnell Foundation they established, have given exceptionally generous support to UT Dallas since 1984. During the last 30 years, the couple’s foundation has contributed more than $600 million to support scientific research and education in America. The couple and the O’Donnell Foundation have given more than $135 million to UT since 1983.

Peter O’Donnell earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of the South in Tennessee and a master’s degree in banking and finance at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Edith O’Donnell earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.

The O’Donnell Foundation is the fifth largest independent foundation in Dallas. It primarily supports engineering, science and math education along with arts programs. The foundation has been a leader in support of advanced placement programs for high school students and for advancing K-12 education, in addition to its support of higher education.

About the Architects

STUDIOS Architects — Design Architect

STUDIOS architecture is an international design firm founded in San Francisco in 1985, and with more than 200 employees in its San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York, Paris, and Mumbai offices.

For nearly 30 years, STUDIOS has worked with some of the world’s most creative and cutting edge media, entertainment, and technology firms, from early projects with Apple, Silicon Graphics, and 3Com Corporation, to more recent work with Cartoon Network, Google, Pandora, LinkedIn, Warner Bros., Walt Disney Co., Microsoft, IAC/Interactive, and Edmunds.com, among others.

The firm has also worked extensively with higher education and institutional clients, including the University of California, the University of Cincinnati, Stanford University, Georgetown University, the California Institute of Technology, and the University of Texas.

STUDIOS has won over 200 regional, national and international design awards and is frequently featured in Architectural Record, Interior Design, Metropolis, Wired, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, and other publications.

Key Team Members
Erik Sueberkrop, FAIA, LEED AP | Principal in Charge, Lead Designer
Melissa Duffy, AIA, LEED AP | Project Manager

VAI Architects Incorporated — Architect of Record

VAI Architects is an established Texas-based architectural practice with many successful associations with premier design consultants on signature projects, serving as local architect-of-record and as technical production architect. The office was founded in 1985 as Vidaud + Associates Incorporated by architects Guillermo A. Vidaud, AIA and son William Vidaud, both of who remain active in the company. Prior to his tenure as Chief Architect for the City of Dallas, Guillermo Vidaud served as a Graduate Level Architecture Professor at leading universities in Texas, North Carolina, and in Havana, Cuba. Guillermo's background as a university professor is part of VAI's culture of collaboration.

Today the contributions of the founders are matched by a new group of partners who have helped shape the company as one of the most dynamic mid-sized professional service firms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. VAI applies the latest technologies in all aspects of their practice and has become a local leader in utilizing state-of-the-art computer aided BIM production systems.

Key Team Members
Barton Drake, AIA | Principal in Charge
Clint Ashworth, AIA | Project Manager