Meet our Students and Alumni

What exactly can you do with an Arts and Humanities degree from the University of Texas at Dallas? Our alumni are teachers, artists, lawyers, physicians, business entrepreneurs and generally fascinating people. Meet a few of our current and past students below.

Osinachi OsuagwuOsinachi Osuagwu, Literary Studies Major, Student

"Being a literary studies major has given me the opportunity to explore many aspects of the humanities. Not only do I get to read and analyze great pieces of literature, I can also study art history, be a part of theatre productions and learn about anything else that catches my interest. This major has given me a much deeper appreciation for the humanities and has opened doors to so many opportunities that I had never previously considered. I am forever grateful for the School of Arts and Humanities in my growth as an individual."

John McCaaJohn McCaa, PhD in History of Ideas, WFAA-TV Journalist

It was his international living, along with not having a television—but having a fascination with radio and sound instead—that helped propel WFAA news anchor John McCaa into his current career path. When advisor Megan Gray sat down with John at the WFAA Studio in Victory Park in 2013, he expressed how learning about people and wanting to continually know more about the world around him also helped him carve out a career. His desire to continue learning served as a catalyst to pursue his doctorate in the History of Ideas.

Ashley D. MerrittAshley D. Merritt, BA in Art and Performance, Actress

"As a performance artist, especially growing up in a very science and business driven environment, one will find themselves on the receiving end of trivializing criticisms in pursuit of a degree in Arts. IGNORE THEM. Focusing my degree on what I love was the best and most liberating decision of my college career. Going with my instinct to follow my passion and allowing the rest to follow has led me into a world of confidence, success and endless opportunities.

Having a degree in Arts and Performance gives me the confidence in knowing I AM well versed and trained in my field because of the hours of study, immersion, and interning I have put into my passion while at UT-Dallas. Not only is my degree a shining badge of credibility on my resume, it is an attitude displayed when I am in the room auditioning with pride and confidence for Hollywood directors and producers. My study habits, knowledge of performance and discipline I acquired have helped me break-down a script in a different language overnight to crush an audition the next day and book my first role on the AMC TV network.

The network of mentors and peers I am proud to know from UT-Dallas Arts are also successful artists, from Dallas to LA and all over the country. I see them and know we share something special and that as we rise, we will remember each other and work together!"