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Language Placement Assessments

The School of Arts and Humanities at The University of Texas at Dallas does not offer a BA in Spanish, French, or German, but instead offers courses at beginning and intermediate levels. In addition, the School offers advanced Spanish and courses in Spanish culture and Mexican literature, culture and history. Our aim is to prepare students with a high degree of language competence.

A great degree of emphasis in our language classes is placed on listening and speaking as well as reading and writing skills. The scope of language course sequences serves all students and programs of the university and fulfills students' needs by targeting cross-cultural communication, global awareness, international understanding and cultural pluralism. The Spanish, French and German sequence of courses will ensure that students will learn successfully language and culture, effectively and enjoyably, while it becomes a personal, professional, humanistic and rewarding experience.

Spanish, French, and German Placement Exams

All students who are taking Spanish, French, or German for the first time at UT Dallas must take an online placement exam before enrolling.*

To complete the Spanish, French, or German placement exam:

  1. Go to the testing website:
  1. Complete the online registration form.
    Organization = "The University of Texas at Dallas"
    Language = Spanish, French, or German
    Email = your UTD email address
  1. Pay for the exam. The cost of the exam is $10.00 for one test attempt. You may pay using a debit or credit card.
  1. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase with the link and exam ID (password). You do not have to take the exam immediately after registering, but you must take the exam before you can enroll.
  1. Take the exam. When you begin the exam, you may not stop and go back. Make sure you have uninterrupted access to the Internet for a period of about an hour.
  1. Make a screen shot of your results (score and course placement) as evidence (or print a hard copy and digitally scan).
  1. Email the language instructor the digital version of your results.
  1. The instructor will give you a permission code to enroll in the course.  Students must enroll in the highest level course available as determined by their placement score. Instructors reserve the right to require additional assignments based on a higher level of language proficiency for students who enroll in a class that doesn't correspond to their language placement exam score.

WebCAPE Language Placement Scores




Below 270 = SPAN 1311

Below 263 = GERM 1311

Below 233 = FREN 1311

270-345 = SPAN 1312

263-342 = GERM 1312

233-317 = FREN 1312

346-427 = SPAN 2311

343-424 = GERM 2311

317-385 = FREN 2311

428-496 = SPAN 2312

425-511 = GERM 2312

385-446 = FREN 2312

Above 496 = SPAN 3365



*Students do need not take the exam if prior courses and/or credit by exam scores satisfy SPAN, FREN, or GERM course prerequisites (this includes credit through courses at UT Dallas, transfer credit, and AP or CLEP credit).

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Lorena Camacho-Guardado, for Spanish, at [email protected]
  • Maha Fettouh, Instructor of French, at [email protected]
  • Elena Webb, Instructor of German, at [email protected]