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Today more than ever, the arts and humanities are crucial to an informed and productive citizenry. Through an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, the School of Arts and Humanities aims to foster in students critical awareness, creativity, and intellectual flexibility. By engaging key issue in human cultures in the arts, history, literature, and philosophy, students are enabled to enhance their own creative and analytic powers and to make their place in today's world.

A world characterized by rapid, dynamic changes requires men and women of adaptable intelligence, who are able to combine creative and analytic thought, communicate effectively and respond confidently to new conditions. The course and majors offered by the School of Arts and Humanities are designed to foster these abilities.

Majors in the arts and humanities provide excellent preparation for the school's own graduate programs in the Humanities, as well as for more specialized programs at other institutions, such as English, History and Art History. Since majors offer a great deal of flexibility, students are able to design highly individual programs, and past students have gone on to study law and medicine.

Arts and Humanities graduates complete a rigorous course of study that includes experience in critical reading, writing, and research. Communication and organizational skills developed in academic classes are easily transferable to a wide variety of jobs.

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