Professional Communications

The Institute for Professional Communication was established in 2002 to promote the use and education of professional communication standards for academic and workplace interactions. The programs in the Institute focus on both oral and written communication transactions taking place in modern business transactions. Currently, the Institute offers programs in the following areas:

Professional and Workplace Communication

Undergraduate students enroll in a variety of communication classes such as Public and Professional Communication, Argumentation and Debate, Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Mass Communication, etc.

Professional and Technical Communication

In addition to working with area business professionals, the institute conducts classes for graduate and undergraduate students in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering and telecommunications engineering. These classes teach technical writing skills and technical presentation skills in a team teaching environment with both a public speaking expert and a technical writing expert.

English Proficiency

In response to a Texas state mandate, UT Dallas' English Proficiency professionals evaluate the English communication skills of the University's international Teaching Assistants. Based on these evaluations, Teaching Assistants needing to improve their English skills are placed in the English Proficiency Program. This program ensures that UT Dallas' international teaching assistants acquire the confidence and skills needed to be successful working with students in classrooms, laboratories and tutoring sessions.

The Professional Development and Professional Writing Series

Students and business professionals who don't have the opportunity to take full semester courses, can choose specialized courses that focus on particular communication situations such as Dealing with Difficult People, Power Interviewing, Leadership, Dynamic Presentations, Overcoming Writer's Block, Writing for Conferences, and many other interesting topics. These courses meet for only four weeks so several can be taken in a single semester! Training programs can be tailored for specific groups and businesses too!