Last, First Email Office Phone Title
Amato, Lawrence [email protected] JO 5.704 972-883-6055 Senior Lecturer
Bambach, Charles [email protected] JO 5.416 972-883-2006 Professor
Brown, Matthew [email protected] JO 4.120 972-883-2536 Associate Professor of Philosophy and History of Ideas
Chaney, Anthony Bart [email protected] JO 5.708 972-883-1658 Lecturer 1
Channell, David [email protected] JO 5.422 972-883-2007 Professor
Dennis, Patrick [email protected] JO 5.109 972-883-6287 Lecturer 1
Farmer, J. Michael [email protected] JO 5.612 972-883-6354 Associate Professor of Chinese Studies
Gossin, Pamela [email protected] JO 5.404 972-883-2071 Professor
Gram, John [email protected] JO 5.712 972-883-2170 Lecturer 1
Heinz, Annelise [email protected] JO 5.104 972-883-6008 Assistant Professor
Hill, Kimberly [email protected] JO 3.928 972-883-6908 Assistant Professor of History
Hudson, Jennifer [email protected] JO 5.408 Senior Lecturer
Jakobsson, Pia [email protected] JO 4.128 972-883-4706 Clinical Assistant Professor
Lester, Carole [email protected] online-only Lecturer 1
McLure, Helen [email protected] JO 5.608D Lecturer 1
Ozsvath, Zsuzsanna [email protected] JO 4.818 972-883-2758 Professor
Park, Peter K.J. [email protected] JO 5.610 972-883-2152 Associate Professor
Patterson, David [email protected] JO 4.800 972-883-2049 Professor
Pettengill, Ryan [email protected] JO 3.534 Lecturer 1
Rabe, Stephen [email protected] JO 5.614 972-883-2009 Professor
Rankin, Monica [email protected] JO 4.916 972-883-2005 Associate Professor
Ring, Natalie J. [email protected] JO 5.424 972-883-2365 Associate Professor
Roemer, Nils [email protected] JO 4.800 972-883-2769 Director of the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies
Schlereth, Eric [email protected] JO 3.918 972-883-2168 Associate Professor of History
Schulze, Jeffrey [email protected] JO 3.512 972-883-2073 Senior Lecturer
Soliday, Gerald [email protected] JO 5.608F 972-883-2994 Associate Professor Emeritus
Volanto, Keith [email protected] JO 5.109 972-883-2820 Lecturer 1
Weiland, David [email protected] JO 5.712 972-883-2170 Lecturer 1
Weiss, Jessica [email protected] JO 5.712 Lecturer 1
Wickberg, Daniel [email protected] JO 5.428 972-883-6222 Associate Professor
Wilson, Michael [email protected] JO 5.604 972-883-2080 Associate Professor
Wright, Ben [email protected] JO 5.412 972-883-6019 Assistant Professor of Historical Studies

The majority of the faculty can be reached by mail at:

(Faculty member's name)
School of Arts and Humanities, JO 31
University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080-3021

However, you should click the faculty member's name above to view their bio, and make sure their mail station is stated as JO 31, just to be sure.