Graduate Student Accomplishments


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Conference Presentations

Name Area Type Title Venue Details Date
Lauren DavisPhD HUHIConference Presentation “Free Women of Color and Counter-Domesticities of the Circum-Caribbean: Plaçage, Passing, Broken Marriages, and Religious Vocation as Alternatives to the Cult of True Womanhood in New Orleans, 1765-1865”Society for US Intellectual History Plano Marriot at Legacy Town Center10-28-2017
Eman Al-HabashnehPhD HUSLConference Presentation Cooking up an ethnic borderland in Diana Abu-Jaber's CrescentSCMLA Tulsa10-05-2017
Kristina KirkPhD HUSLConference Presentation Reppin' H-Town: Houston Hip Hop as Postmodern Representations of PlaceAmerican Literature Association New Orleans, LA09-09-2017
Mary-Catherine MuellerPhD HUSLConference Presentation "The Role of Silence in Ida Fink's Holocaust Short Stories"17th World Congress of Jewish Studies As a recipient of an award from the Istavan and Zsuzsanna Ozsváth Research Fund, made possible by William and Sylvia Zale Foundation (in honor of Eugene and Ethel Zale, Theodore and Ilse Zale, and Lew and Doris Zale), I presented the paper: "The Role of Silence in Ida Fink's Holocaust Short Stories," and chaired the panel discussion “World War II and the Holocaust in Literature and the Press” at the 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Israel, August 6-10, 2017. I very much appreciate the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies and its supporters for caring – caring that the victims and survivors of the Holocaust are always honored, respected, and remembered, and for giving these victims and survivors a voice to continue reaching and impacting future generations.08-10-2017
Jennifer KraemerPhD HUSLConference Presentation "Reforming Elizabeth: Shakespeare's Henry VIII as Heritage Work"German Shakespeare Association Weimar, Germany04-21-2017
Ying MaPhD HUSLConference Presentation Explicitation in English-Chinese Translation: A Corpus-based Review and Future Research Agenda10th Leipzig International Conference on Translation & Interpretation Studies Leipzig, Germany03-13-2017
Christine Malina-MaxwellPhD HUMAConference Presentation Fighting Antisemitism with New 21st Century EducationThe Annual Scholar’s Conference on the Holocaust and Churches Philadelphia, PA03-13-2017
Cynthia Seton-RogersPhD HUHIConference Presentation “The Exceptions to the Rule: Jews in Shakespeare’s England” Conference: Shakespeare and the Jews University College London03-2017
Christine Malina-MaxwellPhD HUMAConference Presentation Multi-Directional Memory: Effects on the Texture and Durability of Holocaust Artifact Memory RAW: Research - Art- Writing: 8th Annual RAW Conference 2017 UT Dallas02-24-2017
Sarah ValentePhD HUHIConference Presentation Remembering the Holocaust: The Stairs, the Ruins, and the ButterflyAltrusa dinner I provided a brief historical background on the Holocaust and explored the ways in which the Holocaust is remembered in survivor testimonies, works of literature, and poetry. I shared insights that gave my audience a glimpse of that world and showed that learning about the Holocaust is still extremely relevant, and important today.01-19-2017
Tyler CochranPhD HUASConference Presentation The Transition of Historical Writing into Literary Art: A Discussion of Martin Guerre through the Conduit of the Scholar Natalie Zemon DavisSouth Central Modern Language Association Panel: Renaissance Literature Excluding Drama Dallas, Texas 11-05-2016
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIConference Presentation ¡Una casa por mes! Middle-Class Homeownership and Post-Revolutionary Identity in Mexico City in the 1940sUrban History Association Eighth Biennial Conference Chicago, IL10-15-2016
Claire SoaresPhD HUASConference Presentation The Netherworld Created for the Film DEFIANCELiterature/ Film conference New Jersey, A paper on the film DEFIANCE and how film crew created the particular look and feel their film required.10-14-2016
David HowardPhD HUHIConference Presentation Divine Inspiration or Human Imagination: The Sacred Dialogue Among Baptist Pews, Pulpits and Hymnals in the American South, 1865-1915Art History Graduate Student Symposium St Thomas University, St Paul, MN10-08-2016
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIConference Presentation "¡Una casa por mes!": Middle-Class Home Ownership and Mexican Post-Revolutionary Identity in Mexico City in the 1930s and 1940sUrban History Association Eighth Biennial Conference Chicago, IL10-2016
Nathan KingPhD HUSLConference Presentation Music and Identity in Alejo Carpentier’s The Kingdom of this World2016 South Central Modern Language Conference Dallas, TX10-2016
Akira YokoyamaPhD HUSLConference Presentation Hemingway's Journey from Imagism to Surrealism At Home in Hemingway's World/ XVII Biennial International Ernest Hemingway Conference Dominican University, Oak Park, Illinois07-21-2016
Kerry GoldmannPhD HUHIConference Presentation "May the Force be within You: Reactivity in Greek Tragedy"Athens Institute for Education and Research’s 7th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts Athens, Greece05-30-2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASConference Presentation The Transition of Historical Writing into Literary Art: A Discussion of Martin Guerre through the Conduit of the Scholar Natalie Zemon DavisBodies at Work: Reimagining the Lines of (Re)Production UTA, Panel: Dis-Placed Bodies: Figuring Space and Place04-08-2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASConference Presentation The Transition of Historical Writing into Literary Art: A Discussion of Martin Guerre through the Conduit of the Scholar Natalie Zemon DavisCritical Voices Conference UNT, Panel: Philosophy in Literature, Literature as Philosophy04-06-2016
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIConference Presentation Galería Feminina y La Guardia Joven: Gender and Modern Mexican Identity in Banco Nacional de México's Employee MagazineRocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies Conference Santa Fe, NM04-2016
Amy StavolaPhD HUSLConference Presentation "Cocktails and Commuting: the Sentimental Male's Crisis of Masculinity in Sloan Wilson's The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit"Class Trouble: Why Working-Class Studies Matters Collin College03-31-2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASConference Presentation The Transition of Historical Writing into Literary Art: A Discussion of Martin Guerre through the Conduit of the Scholar Natalie Zemon DavisThe Texas Center for Working-Class Studies Conference Collin College, Spring Creek Campus, Panel: Representing the Working Class03-31-2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASConference Presentation The Transition of Historical Writing into Literary Art: A Discussion of Martin Guerre through the Conduit of the Scholar Natalie Zemon DavisRAW UTD, Panel: Manifesting Identity in Texts03-05-2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASConference Presentation The Transition of Historical Writing into Literary Art: A Discussion of Martin Guerre through the Conduit of the Scholar Natalie Zemon DavisWorld Association of Texas St. Edward's University, 2016 Conference: Turning Points in Global History Panel: New Approaches to Teaching & Writing in History Courses03-05-2016
Monica Alfaro RodriguezPhD HUHIConference Presentation Ellis Sandoz and the American FoundingSouthern Political Science Association San Juan, Puerto Rico01-2016
Virginia CurryPhD HUASConference Presentation The Museum as Academy: Teaching with Objects and a Return to Conneiseurship UNESCO International Council of zmuseums, Council on Collections 10-21-2015
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIConference Presentation "To Brighten and Beautify the City": The History of Electric Spectaculars in Mexico CitySociety for History of Technology Albuquerque, NM10-2015
C.M. FoltzPhD HUSLConference Presentation A Systems Theory of Poetry in the Posthuman EraRice University, Houston, Texas Conference paper on poetry and its relation to evolutionary biology and systems theory.09-06-2015
Virginia CurryPhD HUASConference Presentation Renaissance of the Academy: The Rebirth of Conneiseurship and the Examination of the ObjectArt and Law: Art in Peril, Cambridge University, United Kingdom, and Institute for Art Law Conference paper and panel discussion06-23-2015
Carroll SavantPhD HUSLConference Presentation "Make Your Own Kind of Music": Affectual Soundscape, Musical Aesthetics, and Identity in Thomas Hardy's EnglandMidwest Victorian Studies Association annual conference Special panel on music and the senses05-03-2015
Tim GingrichMA HUSLConference Presentation How to dismantle an atomic bomb: fission and fallout in the wind-up bird chronicleRAW 2015 Sherry Clarkson Prize04-25-2015
Rebecca ClayPhD HUMAConference Presentation Making James Joyce Contemporary International Conference of Interdisciplinary Studies - San Antonio 2015 I had an opportunity to lecture and demonstrate a method of short story writing instruction for classroom use that was well received by an international audience. I proceeded to publish the project in a journal article. ICIS 2015.04-24-2015
Chelsea BarnardMA HUMAConference Presentation My name is Veronica, and I'm an addict: Interpellation, Id, and Ideology in the 2014 Kickstarter FilmPopular Culture Association / American Culture Association Presented Visual Culture paper at PCA/ACA Conference.04-02-2015
M. Lance LuskPhD HUSLConference Presentation Thoughts black, hands apt: Looking at Oliviers Freudian Film Noir Adaptation of Hamlet.Popular/American Culture Association National Conference 04-2015
Robin MyricPhD HUASConference Presentation Prizewinners Conference: &Now 2015, Blast Radius: Writing and the Other Arts Creative poetry/photography presentation at &Now, a biennial academic conference. Part of two-person panel with author Cole Cohen, titled Ruptures and Sutures of the Everyday. 03-28-2015
Mark ThompsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation "Film Noir and Social Darwinism"RAW Conference; GSA, UT-Dallas 03-18-2015
Danny BoswellMA HUHIConference Presentation Edgar Allan Poe's Fight for Democracy: A Marxist Reading of 'The Pit and the Pendulum'RAW Conference 03-06-2015
Rebecca (Becky) DanielsPhD HUASConference Presentation Dismantling Art History: A Trans-disciplinary Approach for the High School Multicultural ClassroomNational Art Education Association 2015 Conference 03-2015
Rebecca (Becky) DanielsPhD HUASConference Presentation Impact of Teen Programming in Art MuseumsNational Art Education Association 2015 Conference 03-2015
Kevin WellsPhD HUSLConference Presentation The Selfish Incentives: A Pragmatic Approach to Preventing Plagiarism, Trends in Teaching College Composition 02-27-2015
Virginia CurryPhD HUASConference Presentation Re-Envisioning the Museum in the Twenty'First CenturyUNESCO ICOM COMCOL Student membership to unesco icom comcol / 12/16/201412-15-2014
Rebecca (Becky) DanielsPhD HUASConference Presentation Dismantling Art History: A Trans-disciplinary Approach for the High School Multicultural ClassroomNational Association for Multicultural Education 2014 Annual Conference 11-2014
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIConference Presentation Tomando Coca-Cola en Teotihuacan: Outdoor Advertising Technologies and the Urban Visual Environment in 1940's Mexico CityUrban History Association Seventh Biennial Conference 10-09-2014
M. Lance LuskPhD HUSLConference Presentation The Palace of Fear: The Meaning of War and What is Worth Fighting for in Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls. South Central Modern Language Association Conference 10-2014
M. Lance LuskPhD HUSLConference Presentation Fortaleza de la Soledad: Nature, Nurture and Knowledge at Ernest Hemingway's Finca Viga. RAW Symposium 10-2014
Merry JettPhD HUHIConference Presentation Electrifying Injustice: Electroconvulsive Therapy as a Trope for Injustice in American FilmSociety for Literature and Science Conference Presented 08-12-2014
Virginia CurryPhD HUASConference Presentation panel contributorThe Written Heritage of Mankind in Peril 06-26-2014
D. Michael MimsPhD HUHIConference Presentation Chair of Session 2: Dallas Gay Politics and Homophobic FearsTexas Oral History Association Third Annual Conference 04-05-2014
Elizabeth RanieriPhD HUASConference Presentation A Reading of "Vittoria della Rovere" (1680) by Carlo DolciThe University of Texas at Arlington Art History Conference 04-2014
Mary-Catherine MuellerPhD HUSLConference Presentation "The Significance of the Four Prophet Figures in Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust Memoir: Night”The 44th Annual Scholars' Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches, Los Angeles, CA Presented the paper: “The Significance of the Four Prophet Figures in Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust Memoir: Night"03-14-2014
M. Lance LuskPhD HUSLConference Presentation A Modern Bacchae: A Translation of Euripides The Bacchae. RAW Symposium 03-2014
M. Lance LuskPhD HUSLConference Presentation Big Beautiful Mess: A Reconsideration of Max Reinhardt's 1935 Film A Midsummer Night's Dream.Southwest Popular Culture and American Culture Associations Conference 02-2014
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIConference Presentation Coca-Cola & El Indio Triste: A U.S. Reporter's View of Mexico City Consumer Practices during Good Neighbor EraPhi Alpha Theta Central-West Texas Regional History Conference 2014 02-2014
Jennifer HobsonMA HUASConference Presentation The Black Dance AestheticInternational Blacks in Dance Conference-2013 2013*
Jennifer HobsonMA HUASConference Presentation The Black Dance Aesthetic; African Dance: A Choreographic ApproachInternational Hawaii Conference in Arts and Humanities I was selected by the conference to serve as the Chair of both of my sessions- quite an accomplishment presenting with PhD's and Tenured professors. / 2013*
Jennifer HobsonMA HUASConference Presentation Affects of Economic Status on Instructional Strategies, Philosophies of Teaching (Pedagogy) Dance, and Student AchievementAAHPERD National Convention I was invited to present my research on the Affects of Economic Status on Instructional Strategies, Philosophies of Teaching (Pedagogy) Dance, and Student Achievement, one of only three, nation-wide.2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASConference Presentation Cliff Jumping and Other PoemsTexas Women Writers Conference Poetry reading2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASConference Presentation Review of Marjorie Agosins The Light of Desire/La Luz de DeseoRougarou 2013*
Allene NicholsMA HUASConference Presentation Manifesto for Non-Traditional Graduate StudentsMMLA Conference, St. Louis 2013*
Renea McKenziePhD HUSLConference Presentation "Anybody hurt? No'm. Killed a nigger." Huckleberry Finn and the Social Affect of the N-WordHawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation "Russian Intellectuals' Volatile Relationship with New York City"RAW Symposium/UTD 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation "A Humorous Soviet Perception of America's Frontier During the Great Depression""Frontiers and Borders" Conference/Oklahoma State University 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation "Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov: Two Soviet Humorists and Their Cross-Country American Travelogue"RAW Symposium/UTD 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation "The Historical and Cultural Memory of Fort Ross"The Fort Ross Bicentennial Conference/Santa Rosa, CA 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation "Nikita Khrushchev vs. the Russian Readership: A Comparative Analysis of the Russian Literary Intelligentsia's Prose During the Thaw"South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) Conference in San Antonio, TX 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation "The Russians Are Coming! American Depictions of Russian Settlers in Literature, Film, and History"RAW Symposium/UTD 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation The Russian New Woman: Menace or Heroine?Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference/Stanford University 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIConference Presentation "Identity and Societal Self-Discovery in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment"South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) Conference in New Orleans, LA 2013*
Kyle SimmonsPhD HUSLConference Presentation An Eastern Sage on a Western Page: How Confucius Found His Way into the sermons and early lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Annual History Graduate Conference, UNT, Denton, TX 2013*
Christine JonesPhD HUSLConference Presentation "Seeking the Sons of Mumford: Neo-folk and the Postmodern Southern Gothic Aesthetic"Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Associations conference 2013*
Carroll SavantPhD HUSLConference Presentation "Whistle While You Work": The Construction of the Myth of Englishness through the Working Soundscapes in George Eliot's Adam BedePacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Victorian literature panel11-03-2013
Rebecca (Becky) DanielsPhD HUASConference Presentation Engaging Students through Art: A Thematic Approach for the Culturally Diverse Humanities ClassroomEighth International Conference on the Arts in Society 06-2013
Janet BroihierPhD HUHIConference Presentation Same Difference? Exoticism and Alterity in Twentieth-Century French Culture2013 RAW Symposium: Interdisiplinary Re/media/tion / School of Arts and Humanties, The University of Texas at Dallas 04-23-2013
Marina JenkinsMA HUASConference Presentation "Durer, Baldung-Grien, and Goya: Between Truth and Reason."Coastal Plains Graduate Conference on Literature and Language/ University of Houston 04-06-2013
Elizabeth RanieriPhD HUASConference Presentation Christian Miracles in Marco Polo?s Description of the WorldThe University of North Texas Medieval Symposium 2013 04-2013
Elizabeth RanieriPhD HUASConference Presentation The Central Plan, the Architectural Treatise, and LeonardoSam Houston State University International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Thought 04-2013
Marina JenkinsPhD HUASConference Presentation "Witchcraft Imagery."RAW (Research, Art, Writing)/University of Texas at Dallas 03-23-2013
Marina JenkinsPhD HUASConference Presentation "Philae Island and Its Christian Conversion."OSU Annual Humanities Conference/ Oklahoma State University 03-01-2013
Elizabeth RanieriPhD HUASConference Presentation Marco Polo and Eastern ChristiansOklahoma State University Annual Humanities Conference I also moderated a graduate panel.03-2013
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIConference Presentation In the Bowels of the Beast: The METRO as Mediator of the MegacityRAW Graduate Symposium 03-2013
Marina JenkinsPhD HUASConference Presentation "Francisco Goya's Pintura's Negras (Black Paintings."4th Annual Texas A&M History Conference: People, Places, Cultures 02-22-2013
Elizabeth RanieriPhD HUASConference Presentation The Villa Borghese and the Menil Collection: Shaping Two Private Art CollectionsTexas A&M Phi Alpha Theta History Conference I was asked to moderate an Undergraduate panel on Women's History.02-2013

Exhibitions, Performances and Invited Lectures

Name Area Type Title Venue Details Date
Christine Malina-MaxwellPhD HUMAExhibition/ Performance POSTER SESSION - "Multi-Directional Memory: Effects on the Texture and Durability of Holocaust Artifact Memory"Graduate Student Research and Creative Activities Poster Session I was invited to present my work at the Graduate Student Research and Creative Activities Poster Session Tuesday, April 18 2017 3:00-5:00pm Visitor’s Center Atrium, UT Dallas.04-18-2017
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIInvited Lecture Talk to Wiley High School History ClassLife as a Ph.D. History Student: Conducting Research in Foreign Archives A talk given to a classroom of high school juniors and seniors on conducting research in archives in Mexico City and Monterrey. 03-2017
Rachel CrawfordMA HUSLInvited Lecture Women in Texas Literature / reading: "First Names" 33rd Annual Literary Festival - Richland College 4-06-2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASExhibition/ Performance Richard III, Role: RatcliffeShakespeare Dallas Dallas, Texas06-24-2016
Claire SoaresPhD HUASExhibition/ Performance BORN ENEMIESNorth Lake Videofest Dallas, TX05-11-2016
Claire SoaresPhD HUASExhibition/ Performance LAMENT IN STONENorth Lake VideoFest Dallas, Texas, An art film blending sculpture, haiku poetry and nature.05-11-2016
Claire SoaresPhD HUASExhibition/ Performance GYPSY FEET (film)Dallas International Film Festival Dallas, Texas, A short film documentary on certain ethnic forms of dance that influence each other (classical East Indian, Middle Eastern, Flamenco and Ballet). 04-22-2016
Kent BoyerPhD HUMAInvited Lecture Gerald Murphy: Seven Years as a PainterUniversity of North Texas Art History Society Writing Competition for 2016 Third prize winner in University of North Texas' Art History Society Writing Competition.04-04-2016
Mark ThompsonPhD HUHIInvited Lecture Moderator for film presentation, "Gattaca: Genetic Engineering, Determinism, and Philosoph"North Central Texas College Flower Mound, TX03-09-2016
Claire SoaresPhD HUASExhibition/ Performance Dance, The GypsyGreensboro Dance Film Festival 03-22-2015
Kevin WellsPhD HUSLInvited Lecture Show and Tell: How Images Convey Arguments, a two-part lecture seriesENGL 20803: Honors Intermediate Composition: College Life and Identity, Texas Christian University 01-20-2015
Danielle GeorgiouPhD HUASExhibition/ Performance I'm Looking Through YouArt Exhibition at the Horton Gallery in New York Was selected by gallerist Sean Horton for a two-person show to open his 2012-2013 season in New York. Showed with fellow CentralTrak resident and UT Dallas MFA student, Hillary Holsonback. 09-2013


Name Area Type Title Published By Details Date
Jennifer CrumleyMA HUSLPublication Rubber Band BrainXOXO Publishers A short story of quack medical horror.Forthcoming
Kevin WellsPhD HUSLPublication Ali's KnifeChelsea Station Magazine Fiction11-2017
Merry JettPhD HUHIPublication Mind of a Chess Master and the Stomach of a Goat: Vesper Holly Female Adventurer Beyond Indy and Lara: Gender and Archaeology in Popular Culture (University of Augusta Press) I'm excited to get to write at article for this anthology Beyond Indy and Lara: Gender and Archaeology in Popular Culture.10-17-2017
Jennifer CrumleyPhD HUSLPublication By the Old Gods and the New: Daily Interactions with Game of ThronesFan Phenomena, Intellect LTD Co-written with fellow student Amy Stavola03-2017
Russell FraleyPhD HUSLPublication A Primer on Essential Classical Rhetoric for Practicing AttorneysLegal Communications & Rhetoric: JALWD This article is intended as an introduction to the principles and practices of ancient rhetoric as applied to the practice of law.2017
Mary DibbernPhD HUMAPublication Album of 13 Songs for Bass Voice and Piano, volumes 1 and 2Musik Fabrik I am co-editor (with Jared Schwartz) of the first modern edition of concert songs by the 19th century French composer Ange Flégier. I researched this composer and found the 100-year old original publications in the Bibliothèque nationale Départment de Musique in Paris. After recording the songs for Toccata Classics, we have just completed our own edition which is now published by the French company Musik Fabrik. The two albums of songs are available worldwide.11-01-2016
Amy StavolaPhD HUSLPublication (Un) Bury Me: Pizzolatto's AntigoneTrue Detective Collection. Ed. Scott F Stoddart and Michael Samuel. Publisher and date forthcoming10-13-2016
Amy StavolaPhD HUSLPublication "By the Old Gods and the New: Daily Interactions with Game of Thrones" Fan Phenomena: Games of Thrones. Ed. Kavita Vidya Mudan Finn. Publisher and date forthcoming10-13-2016
Kenady ToombsMA HUSLPublication Poem "My Body Broken"Windhover Journal 10-11-2016
Jennifer CrumleyPhD HUSLPublication (Un)Bury Me: The Fate of Pizzolato’s AntigoneTrue Detective Collection: Publisher forthcoming Co-written with fellow student Amy Stavola10-10-2016
Mary DibbernPhD HUMAPublication Ange Flégier: Mélodies for Bass Voice and PianoToccata Classics (London) Although the French composer Ange Flégier (1846–1927) has now been lost from view, he enjoyed considerable fame in his own time thanks to the extraordinary reception of his song Le Cor. Indeed, the mélodie holds a predominant place in his catalogue of more than 350 works. Flégier’s songs, composed for his colleagues at the Opéra de Paris, are large-scale and orchestrally conceived, sitting stylistically close to Duparc in their dignified drama. Many of them receive their first recordings or first modern recordings here. Mary Dibbern and her collaborator Jared Schwartz discovered the songs, published over 100 years ago, in the music department of the Bibliothèque national in Paris, France.09-30-2016
Mary DibbernPhD HUMAPublication Massenet: General Catalogue of WorksPendragon Press The bi-lingual Massenet: General Catalogue of Works, produced in collaboration with the Internaional Massenet Association and written in French and English, is a complete inventory of the known works of Jules Massenet. It has been produced with the sponsorship of the International Massenet Association. The purpose of this document, written French and translated into English, is to facilitate research, performance, and general knowledge of Massenet's music. For each work it gives the vocal and/or instrumental nomenclatures (with operatic roles listed by tessitura), the author(s) of associates texts, the location of manuscripts, and other pertinent details. The authors, specialists in nineteenth-century French repertoire, have established listings of works organized by musical genre: opera, sacred music, cantatas and vocal scenes, choruses, incidental music, symphonic music, piano music, and concert songs. The songs, which represent a large part of Massenet's oeuvre (some 280 titles), have been organized by title as well as by author, along with a summary of songs appearing in cycles, songs for more than one voice, and those found in editions or collections. The Catalogue includes explanatory paragraphs and annotations for each section, a select bibliography, a general index of works and an index of proper names. Appendices contain a biographical chronology; information on such works as Manon (the completely sung version) and L'Histoire de Manon, the composite ballet arranged and orchestrated by Leighton Lucas; the cantatas Louise de Mézières and David Rizzio; as well as the Hymne that remained unpublished until discovered by Hervé Oléon during the research for this Catalogue. Finally, the catalogue’s authors have created a system of DO numbers (Dibbern-Oléon) that in order to establish, for the first time, an exact quantification of Massenet's works and which will be useful as definitive reference numbers for this oeuvre.08-05-2016
Kerry GoldmannPhD HUHIPublication "May the Force be within You: Reactivity in Greek Tragedy"ATINER’s Conference Paper Series, no. ART2016-1937 08-2016
Kerry GoldmannPhD HUHIPublication "The Complexity of Teaching Play Analysis"Texas Theatre Journal, XII, # 1 (January 2016) 01-2016
Rachel CrawfordPhD HUSLPublication "The Stillness of the Spheres," "Another View from Patmos," "Epiphany" (poems)The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature 2016
Rachel CrawfordPhD HUSLPublication "Gretel at Seventy" (poem)Adanna Literary Journal 2016
Rachel CrawfordMA HUSLPublication "Dark Matter" (poem)Rock & Sling: A Journal of Witness 2016
Rachel CrawfordMA HUSLPublication "The Moth and the Holy of Holies" (poem)Anima: Poems of Soul and Spirit 2016
Kevin WellsPhD HUSLPublication Man Reflecting on a PondFlash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine Fiction10-2015
Lauren DixonPhD HUSLPublication If You Can't Take the Heat, Don't Hire a YetiMenacing Hedge 09-01-2015
Merry JettPhD HUHIPublication Lust for ViolenceFilms for the Feminist Classroom Co-edited a special feature about violent films for the feminist classroom with Dr. Shilyh Warren. Also, I wrote half of the introduction explaining why it is important to use violent films in a feminist classroom and what that experience was like for me in the course Cinema and Violence.07-10-2015
Rebecca ClayPhD HUMAPublication Making James Joyce Contemporary: Rewriting Classical Fiction Journal of International Education and Leadership In my journal article, I detail each part of my rewriting of James Joyce's "Evelyn" and then share with the reader the process as well as the final product of my short story writing. Journal of International Education and Leadership, current edition.07-03-2015
Mary-Catherine MuellerPhD HUSLPublication Book Review of Rachel F. Brenner’s The Ethics of Witnessing the Holocaust in Polish Writers’ Diaries from Warsaw, 1939-1945Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies Published a book review of Rachel F. Brenner’s The Ethics of Witnessing the Holocaust in Polish Writers’ Diaries from Warsaw, 1939-1945, in the Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies. Spring 2015.05-2015
C.M. FoltzPhD HUSLPublication Cape CodInnisfree Poetry Journal Poem published02-24-2015
Kevin WellsPhD HUSLPublication "Closing Time"Foliate Oak Literary Magazine 02-2015
Shabnum IftikharPhD HUSLPublication The importance of Metacognitive Strategies to Enhance Reading Comprehension Skills of Learners: A Self-directed Learning ApproachJournal of English Language and Literature 01-2015
Rachel CrawfordPhD HUSLPublication "First Names" Her Texas / 2016 Short Story Award from the National Federation of Press Women 2015
Rachel CrawfordPhD HUSLPublication Her Texas: Story, Image, Poem & Song (contributing editor, anthology)Wings Press 2015
Rachel CrawfordPhD HUSLPublication "From Grandmother's Memory of Drought"RiverSedge: A Journal of Art and Literature 2015
Amanda LedwonPhD HUHIPublication Let Us Weep Among the Dust: Recycled Poems of 1968 and Operas of Earthquake in Mexico In Verse published by University of Arizona Press This is a chapter in an edited volume. Editors are Stephen Neufeld and Michael Matthews.2015
Kevin WellsPhD HUSLPublication First Impressions: The Control of Readers Cognitions in the First Chapter of Pride and PrejudicePersuasions On-Line 35, no. 1 (Winter 2014) 12-2014
Claire SoaresPhD HUASPublication Gas Turbines: A Handbook of Air, Land and Sea Applications, 2nd editionElsevier 10-24-2014
C.M. FoltzPhD HUSLPublication To the Horizon at Bandon Beach, Oregon CoastThe Comstock Review Poem published10-01-2014
Carroll SavantPhD HUSLPublication "Sins of the Grandmother: The Complicated Darwinian Discourse in the Late Victorian Cultural Consciousness and the Role of Behavioral Inheritance in Hardy's A Pair of Blue Eyes"The Victorian ISSN: 2309-091X06-01-2014
Carroll SavantPhD HUSLPublication "'Identical Sisters': The Art of Scientific Natural Observations in the Novels of George Eliot and George Sand"The Human Journal ISSN: 2147-973905-15-2014
Carroll SavantPhD HUSLPublication "And the Women Shall Inherit the Earth: Late Victorian Over-Population and the Condition of England on the Threshold in George Gissing's The Odd Women"Portals: A Journal in Comparative Literature 05-15-2014
Carroll SavantPhD HUSLPublication "Resonant Connections: Robert Schumann's Philosophical Artist and Friedrich Holderlin's Prophetic Poet"Predicate 05-01-2014
C.M. FoltzPhD HUSLPublication The Rage of Night: Anchorage City Lights, 2013The Road Not Taken Poem published04-01-2014
Jennifer HobsonMA HUASPublication Choosing Quality Instruction in DallasSouthern Dallas Magazine Wrote an article on how parents are supposed to choose quality instruction for their children2013*
Jennifer HobsonMA HUASPublication Editor in ChiefDallas Flow Magazine Was Interim Editor in Chief for 3 months, in which I edited the magazine and wrote monthly.2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASPublication The Witch, the Cauldron, and the Inverted Kitchen RitualSupernatural Studies Accepted. Will be published in May.2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASPublication How to Write a Bad PoemTeaching creative writing: practical approaches, Elaine Walker, ed This is a book chapter2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASPublication two haigasSouthwestern Haiku and Haiga / Dos Gatos Press A haiga is a combination of an image and a haiku2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASPublication America of the Broken HeartJournal of South Texas English Studies 2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASPublication MetatronLunch Ticket / Antioch University 2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASPublication MyrtleConclave 2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASPublication selection of poems and commentaryOne Song, Three Composers / Shannon Novak The book is based on Kovak's "One Song, Three Composer's" exhibition and accompanying poetry reading at CentralTrak.2013*
Allene NicholsPhD HUASPublication "There is no safe place"Ginger Piglet 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIPublication "The Historical and Cultural Memory of Fort Ross"The Fort Ross Library and Archives The Fort Ross Library and Archives published an article I presented at the Fort Ross Bicentennial Conference in Santa Rosa, CA in March 2012. 2013*
Christopher GeorgePhD HUSLPublication The Body Soul, Shadow Shrine, When the Soul Emerges and Meets the Air (Three poems)The Arts United ( 2013*
Teri CampbellPhD HUSLPublication "Not Handsome Enough": Faces, Pictures, and Language in Pride and PrejudicePersuasions (The Jane Austen Journal) 2013*
Solana DeLamant PhD HUASPublication Places at the Edge of SilenceFinishing Line Press 04-23-2013
Mary DibbernPhD HUASPublication Werther: A Performance GuidePendragon Press Libretto of Massenet's opera "Werther" in an English translation and IPA transcription. 02-2013
Eda Sarac MA HUMAPublication The American Dream, A New Home Away From Home UTD Mercury 01-28-2013
Pia JakobssonPhD HUHIPublication Gordon RiotsBritish Scholar 2013
J. Steve LeePhD HUHIPublication "Legit Lit: Of Spells and Serious Scholarship" in Teaching with Harry Potter: Essays on Classroom Wizardry from Elementary School to College ed. by Valerie Estelle FrankelMcFarland & Co. Publishers Chapter contribution to edited book2013

Fellowships and Grants

Name Area Type Title Bestowed by Details Date
Rebecca ThompsonPhD HUSLGrant Summer Yiddish UniversityBibliotheque Medem/Maison de la culture yidish Spent three weeks in Yiddish immersion in Berlin, Germany.08-14-2017
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIGrant 10-20-2016
Ghazal SaeidfarPhD HUSLFellowship Robert Plant Armstrong Endowed Fellowship FundRobert Plant Armstrong Endowed Fellowship Fund 10-06-2016
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIGrant Graduate Student Travel GrantUrban History Association Grant to help with travel expenses to 2016 conference in Chicago.10-2016
Kristin ColaneriMA HUASGrant CPP-SP Cultural Projects Program-Special ProgramCity of Dallas - Office of Cultural Affairs Was awarded the highest amount to produce a large-scaled multi-media show - performed at the Latino Cultural Center.02-05-2016
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIGrant 2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASGrant GrantSid Richardson Memorial Fund 08-01-2015
Sherwin NouraniMA HUSLFellowship Armstrong FellowshipArmstrong Fellowship 06-20-2015
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIGrant Cyrus Cantrell III UTD Phi Kappa Phi Travel Grant.UT Dallas Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 05-06-2015
Mary-Catherine MuellerPhD HUSLFellowship Mike Jacobs Fellowship in Holocaust StudiesThe Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas 2014–2016
M. Lance LuskPhD HUSLGrant An educational grant to study in Havana, CubaBetty and Gifford Harris Travel Grant 2014
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIGrant "A Humorous Soviet Perception of America's Frontier During the Great Depression"Betty and Gifford Harris Travel Grant 2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIGrant "Nikita Khrushchev vs. the Russian Readership: A Comparative Analysis of the Russian Literary Intelligentsia's Prose During the Thaw"Betty and Gifford Harris Travel Grant 2013*
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIGrant International Education Scholarship FundOffice of International Education, UT Dallas 06-01-2013


Name Area Appointment Job Title Field Employer Details Date
Mary-Catherine MuellerPhD HUSLLecturerLecturer in EnglishDedman College of Humanities and Sciences – Department of English: Discernment and Discourse; Holocaust Literature Southern Methodist UniversityMary-Catherine Mueller is a Doctoral Candidate (ABD) in Humanities – Studies in Literature and Holocaust Studies at UTD, and also a full-time Lecturer in English at Southern Methodist University. Her research and writings focus on 18th to 20th Century European Literature, Transcontinental Cultural Studies of America and Europe, Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Rhetoric and Composition, and the Representations of the Holocaust in Pop-Culture, Society, and Literature. Through Mueller’s doctoral work, publications, and international conference presentations (from London to Jerusalem), she hopes to shed light on the significance and sanctity of every life (from the unborn to the aged), by addressing the Holocaust and that which happens when society deems one’s life less valuable than another’s. As a professor, Mueller hopes to introduce students to authors who may in time become their teachers, to ideas that may broaden their perspectives, and to discussions that may challenge or change their long-held presuppositions or help them solidify what it is that they believe. 06-22-2017
Monica Alfaro RodriguezPhD HUHIAdjunct ProfessorHistory and GovernmentTexas Woman's University10-2016
Troy DoucetPhD HUHILecturerAssociate Professor of PhilosophyPhilosophyCollin College08-15-2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASService (Committee Appointment, Editor, Etc.)Social Media SpecialistHumanitiesUTDReunion: The Dallas Review08-01-2016
Scott FraleyPhD HUHILecturerDirector of Legal WritingLawBaylor Law School08-01-2015
Tyler CochranPhD HUASStaffTeaching AssistantHumanitiesUTDUnderstanding Art - Fall '15 Understanding Film - Spring '16 and Fall '1608-01-2015
Briana BaconPhD HUHILecturerInstructor of HumanitiesHumanitiesTarrant County CollegeAdjunct Instructor of Humanities with a historical focus.05-2015
Briana BaconPhD HUHILecturerInstructor of HistoryHistoryTarrant County College05-2015
D. Michael MimsPhD HUHIOtherPresident of Phi Alpha Theta (2015-2016)Historical Studies UT Dallas 04-24-2015
Jennifer HobsonMA HUASLecturerAdjunt FacultyDanceTCU School of Classical Ballet and Modern DanceI have been extended the opportunity to teach African Dance as a member of faculty at the prestigious TCU Department of Dance.2013*
Jennifer HobsonMA HUASLecturerAdjunct Faculty Theater Department teachin Dance for the ActorUTATaught required class for majors, over 20 students and taught the fundamentals of dance required for a professional acting/musical theater career.2013*
Jennifer HobsonMA HUASOtherChoreographer in ResidenceDanceRichland CollegeChoreographed opening piece.2013*
Anne HealyPhD HUASTenure TrackAssistant ProfessorTheatreUniversity of Texas at Arlington2013*
Rebecca ThompsonMA HUSLService (Committee Appointment, Editor, Etc.)EditorTranslationReunion: The Dallas Review04-2013
Mary DibbernPhD HUASLecturerAdjunct facultyMusicUniversity of North TexasFrench Diction for Singers, UG.04-2013
Mary DibbernPhD HUASOtherGuest Master Class TeacherMusicChapman UniversityGuest master class teacher for singers and pianists studying French opera and song repertoire.02-2013


Name Area Type Title Published By Details Date
Tyler CochranPhD HUASOther Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Short Screenplay Selection: The Poor Man's Agent10-24-2016
Tyler CochranPhD HUASOther Houston Comedy Film Festival Screenplay Selection: The Poor Man's Agent10-22-2016
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIOther Treasurer Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society09-2016
Janet JacobsPhD HUASOther Elected President of the Navarro County Historical Society.05-01-2015
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIOther Latin America Books and Articles Bibliographer for The Urban History Newsletter, a publication of the Urban History Association. 03-2015
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIOther Inducted into Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society04-2014
Allene NicholsPhD HUASOther poetry reading at CentralTrak in conjunction with Shannon Novak's "Synesthetic Ars Poetic"2013*
Jennifer HudsonPhD HUHIOther I will be Secretary of the Russian Literature Panel at the SCMLA Conference in New Orleans, LA, in addition to presenting a paper (see previous entry).2013*
Monica SalazarPhD HUASOther Won / / Excellence Award 2013-best paper submitted by a PhD student / / Annual Texas A&M History Conference2013*
Maria LoftinPhD HUHIOther Fellow, Oaxaca Institute, Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico07-01-2013
Jon-Paul McGowanMA HUASOther On March 29 the Pocket Sandwich Theater produced my script: Robin Hood on the Road to Sherwood. It is my second produced play with the theatre.04-29-2013
Brinton SmithPhD HUMAOther President of educational non profit that is in the process of forming a liberal art college in Kansas City, MO.04-21-2013
Karen StephersonMA HUMAOther Invited to be a part of the Gilman International Scholarship Panel for the selection of the summer 2013 Gilman recipients.04-12-2013
Mary DibbernPhD HUASOther Accompanied the faculty recital of Dr. Jennifer Ciobanu at University of Texas Arlington.02-22-2013
Mary DibbernPhD HUASOther Accompanied mezzo-soprano Susan Nicely for a one-woman opera by Lee Hoiby, Bon Appetit, sponsored by The Dallas Opera. 02-2013

* = year submitted (no accomplishment date submitted).