Distinction between MA and PhD courses effective Fall 2010

Effective Fall 2010, the School of Arts & Humanities will institute a distinction between master's and doctoral courses. We believe that this change will strengthen doctoral education.

Students pursuing any of the master's degrees offered in the School of Arts & Humanities will be able to enroll only in courses offered under 5000- and 6000-level numbers.

Ph.D. students will be able to enroll in courses offered under 6000-, 7000-, and 8000-level numbers.

For the 2010-12 catalog we have extensively re-numbered courses to reflect this new system (HUMA 5300, for example, will become HUMA 6300). The Fall schedule reflects the new course numbers.

While only those doctoral students entering the program in Fall 2010 will be required to take at least five 7000-level courses, we encourage current doctoral students to enroll in the seven doctoral-student-only courses to be offered this fall.