PhDs Awarded in 2018

December 2018

Shamim Hunt, Erich Fromm's View of the Self and it's Influences
Chair: Nils Roemer

Huiping Ye, Representation of War: Vietnam and Iraq Compared
Co-Chairs: Stephen Rabe and Shilyh Warren

Jill Johnson, The Figures of Narcissus and Faust in Literature and Film
Chair: Zsuzsanna Ozsvath

August 2018

Miguel Marrero, Homo-Sexile: Gay and Transgender Communities - Sexual and National Identities in Latin American Fiction and Film
Chair: Michael Wilson

Jennifer Kraemer, Adapting Marriage: Law Versus Custom in Early Modern English Plays
Chair: Jessica Murphy

May 2018

Danielle Georgiou, Pizzicato Porno, Dirty Filthy Diamonds, Nice, and the Show About Men: Devised Dance Theatre Productions
Chair: Thomas Riccio

Lilian Love Kennedy, Reimagining the Myth Keepers:  The Native American Female in Media Images
Chair: Marilyn Waligore

Cynthia Miller, Landscapes of Mothering: Creating Maternal Identity Through Story.
Chairs: Marilyn Waligore

Tim Parrish, Language and Justification: Richard Rorty’s Therapeutic Philosophy
Chair: Charles Bambach

Sumathi Ramanath, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science: Mahendralal Sircar and His Science, Morality, and Nationalism
Chair: Pamela Gossin

Aditi Samarth, The Survival of Hindu Cremation Myths and Rituals in 21st Century Practice: Three Contemporary Case Studies
Co-Chairs: Thomas Riccio and Richard Brettell

Le Tang, Between Politics and Aesthetics: Red China Through the Lens of Western Leftist Filmmakers
Chair: Ming Dong Gu

Qiang, Zhang, Childhood Subjectivity in Western and Chinese Thought and Literature: A Case Study of Four Masterworks
Chair: Ming Dong Gu

Shu Feng, Adapting Affect: Cognition, Emotion, and Identity from Novel to Film
Chair: Adrienne McLean

Tao Feng, Old Age and Senior Subjectivity: Intellectual Reflections and  Literary Representations Across Cultures
Chair: Ming Dong Gu

Mary Catherine Mueller, The Collapse of Time, Home, and Relationships:  A Critical Approach to the Holocaust Short Story
Chair: David A. Patterson

Rebecca Thompson, Mayn tsvaoeh durkh dir ikh loz: The Socialist Realism of Dovid Bergelson
Chair: David A. Patterson