PhDs Awarded in 2017

December 2017

William Stewart, Religious Experience at the Limits of Language: Lévinas, Marion, and Caputo From A Post-Phenomenological Perspective
Chair: Charles Bambach

May 2017

Kathryn Martin Beck, Fort Griffin Fandangle: Three Perspectives on Performing History on the Texas Plains
Co-Chairs: Thomas Riccio and Richard Brettell

Jessica Patrice Braccio, Removing the Glitch: Finding the Hidden Meaning Behind Trauma
Co-Chairs: Nils Roemer and John Pomara

Debra Jean DeWitte, Public Exhibitions of Drawing in Paris, France (1860-1890): A Study in Data-Driven Art History
Chair: Richard Brettell

Mark Allen Jenkins, Zanesville & Western: A Creative Dissertation
Co-Chairs: Frederick Turner and Charles Hatfield

Melinda Roxanne McVay, The Politics of Display- Architects and Museums: John Yeon, A. James Speyer, and Lina Bo Bardi
Chair: Richard Brettell

Erin Lea Naler, The Aesthetic of Place in the American Play-Cycle
Chair: R. Clay Reynolds

Julie Ann Gavran, The War Against Nature: Benton Mackaye’s Regional Planning Philosophy and the Pursuit of Balance
Chair: Eric R. Schlereth

Lauren Camille Dixon, Throwaways: A Young Adult Novel
Chair: R. Clay Reynolds

Guozhong Duan, The Mirror and the Eye: Visual Subjectivity in Chinese and American Literary Representations
Chair: Ming Dong Gu

Sarah Elizabeth Moore, Daughters of the Church: Women’s Place and Religious Practice in Victorian Women’s Religious Novels
Chair: Patricia Michaelson

Krista Michelle Rascoe, Medicine and Modernism: Diagnosing and (Re)imaging Paralysis
Chair: Tim Redman

Amy Beth Simpson, Remaking Poems: Combining Translation and Digital Media to Interest High School Students in Poetry Analysis
Chair: Rainer Schulte