PhDs Awarded in 2016

December 2016

Rebecca Becker Daniels, Teen Programs in Twenty-First Century Art Museums: A Critical Analysis of Nine American Programs
Chair: Richard Brettell

Susan White Norman, True for Bees: A Creative Dissertation
Chair: R. Clay Reynolds

Kristin Riley, Government Issue and the Face of War: The Representation of Servicemen in American Literary and Visual Culture of the Second World War
Chair: R. Clay Reynolds

Monica Rocio Salazar, Death and the Invisible Hand: Contemporary Mexican Art
Co-Chairs: Charles Hatfield and Charissa Terranova

Jason Surmiller, The Conflicted Relationships of the American Catholic Church with European Fascism
Co-Chairs: Nils Roemer and Peter Park

August 2016

Wael Juma Salam, The Application of Trauma Theory to the Post-World War I Writing of Ernest Hemingway, Laurence Stallings and Harry Crosby
Chair: Milton Cohen

May 2016

Leigh Arnold, Robert Smithson’s Utopias: Unfinished Works in Texas and Other (No-) Places
Chair: Charissa Terranova

Erin Kelley, The Law Shall Bruise Her: Discrimination Against Women in Shakespeare, Webster, and U.S. Law
Chair: Jessica Murphy

Allene Nichols, Representations and Contestations of the Witch from Second-Wave Feminist Poetry to Twenty-First Century Popular Culture
Co-Chairs: Charissa Terranova and Shilyh Warren

Elpida Vouitsis, The Disruptions of Meanings in Paul Gaugin’s Texts and Works of Art
Chair: Richard Brettell