PhDs Awarded in 2015

December 2015

Marilyn Bland, Jan F. E. Celliers and Afrikaans: The Evolution of a New Language and Culture Explored Through Translation
Co-Chairs: Charles Hatfield and Michael Wilson

Lora Burnett, Canon Wars: The Standford "Western Culture" Debates and the Neoliberal Assault on American Higher Education
Chair: Daniel Wickberg

Jennifer Culver, No Longer Only in the Woods Rhetoric and Ritualized Structure in Fairy Tales
Co-Chairs: Thomas Riccio and John Gooch

Sara Keeth, Crowning: Maternity as Agency, Language, and Legitimacy in Shakespeare's English History Plays
Chair: Jessica Murphy

Michele Rosen, Translation in the Digital Age: Reconstructing Montaigne's 'DU Repentir'
Co-Chairs: Rainer Schulte and Frank O. Dufour

Carroll Savant, The Harmony of the Homeland Mapping the Soundscapes of Victorian England in the Novels of George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and George Gissing
Chair: Pamela Gossin

Lupita Tinnen, Representations of Latin American Immigrant Laborers: Documentary in the Digital Age
Chair: Marilyn Waligore

August 2015

Roshanak Akrami, "The Sense of a Half-Translated Ode of Hafiz": Emerson’s Translations of Persian Poetry
Chair: Shari Goldberg

LeeAnn Derdeyn, Blindsighted: Alienation and Affirmation in Treatments of Catholicism: The Apophatic and the Kataphatic in T.S. Eliot
Chair: Tim Redman

Angela Parker und Kaiser, Speaking Silence: Languages of Color Movement in the Poetry of Georg Trakl and Translation into Dance
Chair: Sean Cotter

Blake Remington, Read, Look, Go: Ethics and Dialogue in Holocaust Memorial Texts
Chair: Zsuzsanna Ozsvath

Bingfeng Yang, Conceptualization and Visualization of the Invisible in Western and Chinese Thought and Literature
Chair: Ming Dong Gu

May 2015

Lillian W. Albritton, ¡Que Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!: Documenting Guadalupan Devotion along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Chair: Marilyn A. Waligore

George B. Henson, Translating Sergio Pitol’s "The Art of Flight"
Chair: Charles Hatfield

Jennifer M. Hudson, Voices of the Cold War: Russo-American Cultural Dynamics and Mutual Perceptions
Chair: Stephen G. Rabe

Donavan Lee Hufnagle, The Investigative Reader: Documentary Poetics and the Epistolary Narrative
Chair: Matthew Bondurant

John K. McCaa, Fame, Celebrity, and Mass Media in the Digital Age: Daniel Boorstein’s Cultural Decline, or Passport to a Parallel Universe?
Chair: Daniel B. Wickberg

Lourdes M. Molina, Conflict in La Habana: Foreign Tyranny and National Revolution in Havana-Centric Cubanidad
Chair: Charles Hatfield

Giraud Polite, The Crawfish Circuit: An Investigation of the Musical Soundscape of Southwest Louisiana
Chair:  Marilyn A. Waligore

Wei Shao, An Epic of Displacement in the Twentieth Century
Chair:  Frederick Turner

Brent Thorn, The Convergence of Pietistic Theology and Enlightenment Pedagogy in Moravian Mission Methods on the Colonial American Frontier
Chair: Peter K. J. Park

Shelby D. Vincent, Translating Translators, History, and Memories in Carmen Boullosa’s "Cielos de la Tierra"
Chair: Rainer Schulte

LaToya Stevenson Watkins, Hub City Monologues: A Creative Dissertation
Chair: R. Clay Reynolds