PhDs Awarded in 2014

May 2014

Rowena Q. Bailon, Battling Destiny:  Soldiers' Letters and Anti-Colonial Discourse in the Philippine-American War
Chair: Stephen Rabe

Lilian Calles Barger, Human Liberation from Below:  Transnational Origins of Liberation Theology, 1775-1975
Co-chairs: Daniel Wickberg + Charles Hatfield

Numair Atif Choudhury, Unbinding Anthropological Magical Realism
Chair: Tim Redman

LaChandra M. Fitzgerald, The Portrayal of the African American Mother in Literature:  Performing Motherhood as Seen Through the Eyes of Her Sons and Daughters
Chair:  Theresa M. Towner

Jill E. Foltz, Cute and Comfortable:  The Rise of the Marginalized Aesthetic in Contemporary Art Work
Chair: Charissa N. Terranova

Sobia Azhar Khan, Transnational Identity in Crisis:  Self Writings of Edward Said, Jacques Derrida, and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Chair: Sean Cotter

Shellie K. McCullough, Transparent Wake:  An Examination of the Poetic Texts of Dan Pagis
Co-chairs: Charles Bambach + Zsuzsanna Ozsvath

August 2014

Scott Branks, Song of Managraca: Heroine of Regeneration in African Postcolonial Dystopia
Chair: Thomas Riccio

Alan Pizer, Shifting Personification of Republican Ideals in Revolutionary France
Co-chairs:  Gerald Soliday + Michael Wilson

December 2014

Valeria Forte, From Rome to Jerusalem; The Quest for Cosmic Revelation; Jewish Mysticism in The Divine Comedy
Chair: David Patterson

Jillian D. Round, Re-Appropriateing Meaning: A Queer Response to Heterocentric Representation in Media
Co-chairs: Frank Dufour + Michael Wilson

Mary McEntire Young, Florentine Water Festivals in the Seventeenth Century: the Arno River as a Stage for Medici Propaganda
Co-chairs: Gerald L. Soliday + Mark S. Rosen