PhDs Awarded in 2013

May 2013

Anthony Bart Chaney, Shall Not the Heart:  Gregory Bateson, the Double Bind, and the Long Sixties, 1956-1967
Chair: Daniel Wickberg

Yuehong Chen, The Fusion of Ecological Visions:  Human Beings' Relationship to Nature in Twentieth-Century Eastern and Western Thought and Poetry
Chair: Ming Dong Gu

Ambronita Douzart, Troubled Journey:  Choctaws, Slaves, and Freedmen
Chair: R. David Edmunds

S. Diane Durant, Between Here and Cool:  Image-Text and Double Literacy in the American Road Story
Chair:  Marilyn Waligore

Julienne A. Greer, Affective Connections:  Performance Studies, Videogames, and Digital Characters
Chair: Monica Evans

Terje Saar-Hambazaza, Competing Loyalties:  Negotiating Multiple Identities in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century American Literature
Chair: Theresa M. Towner

Kyle N. Simmons, Emerson, The American Confucius:  An Exploration of Confucian Motifs in the Early Writings (1830-1843) of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Chair: J. Michael Farmer

August 2013

Sandra Glahn, The Ephesian Fragments: A Creative Dissertation
Chair: R. Clay Reynolds

December 2013

Philippe Baugh, Satchmo, Semiotics and the Signifyin(g) Monkey:  Louis Armstrong and the Rise of African-American Modernism
Chair: Robert X. Rodriguez

Stacey Donald, "The Spell of Continuity was Consequently Broken":  Third-Space Masculinity in Austen, Gore, Bronte and Eliot
Co-chairs: Patricia H. Michaelson + Michael Wilson

Brian Fennig, Mythic Image in Modern Pop Music and Technology
Chair: Robert X. Rodriguez

Christine Hand Jones, Bob Dylan and the End of the (Modern) World
Chair: Robert X. Rodriguez

Luke Lafitte, The Mechanical Man:  The Fictive and Factual History of Mechanical-Man as Mythic Markers in the United States:  1844-1968
Chair: Thomas Riccio

Caroline Najour, Counter-narratives of Enlightenment Modernity:  A Decolonial Reading of Westerners in Contemporary Arab Novels
Chair: Sean Cotter

Jack O’Connor, James Madison, Nature and the Early Republic
Chair: Daniel Wickberg

Deborah Ann Scally, Chihiro's Journey:  Re-Imaging the Heroic Quest in the Anime of Miyazaki Hayao
Chair: Pamela S. Gossin

Barbara Vance, The Dialogue of Narrative and Media:  How Expectations of Form and Function Shape Story Analysis
Co-chairs: David Parry + Kimberly Knight