PhDs Awarded in 2012

December 2012

Dallie Bremer Clark, Lost (or Gained) in Translation: the Art of the Handwritten Letter in the Digital Age
Co-Chairs: Dennis M. Kratz + Rainer Schulte

Anne Healy, Troupers: An Original Musical Theatre Work with Analytical Essays on Musical Theatre History, Art and Society during the 19th and Early 20th Century, the Creative Work and Vaudeville Source Material
Chair: Robert X. Rodriguez

Gjeke Marinaj, Oral Poetry in Albanian and Other Balkan Cultures: Translating the Labyrinths of Untranslatability
Chair: Frederick Turner

Jeffrey F. Pettineo, The Ironic Imagination: Redescription and Embedded Irony in Selected Works of Edgar Allan Poe and Herman Melville
Chair: Susan Briante

May 2012

Janine Curry, Digital Art Objects: Examining the Social Aesthetic Experience of Art and Photography on a Networked Environment
Chair:  Thomas Linehan

Celucien L. Joseph, “The Haitian Turn”: Haiti, the Black Atlantic, and Black Transnational Consciousness
Chair: Tim Redman

Qin Guo, Translation Theory and Translation Studies in China
Co-chairs: Ming Dong Gu + Sean Cotter

Shirley Hughes Terrell, Elements of Music and Speech: A Methodology to Incorporate the Elements of Music into Teaching Pronunciation to Speakers of English as a Second Language
Chair: Robert Xavier Rodriguez

August 2012

Caroline Austin-Bolt, Invisible Hands: Women and the Question of Happiness in British Domestic Fiction, 1740-1859
Chair: Patricia Michaelson

Justin P. Brumit, Medieval Romance after HIV and AIDS: Aesthetics of Innocence and Naiveté and the Postmodern Novel
Co-chairs: Robert Nelsen + Michael Wilson

William P. Rough, Practical Philosophy and Piety: The Middle Action of the Individual and the Political
Chair: Charles R. Bambach

Michael A. Stone, A Lived Myth: Thomas Mann’s Aesthetic German Mythos       
Co-chairs: Charles R. Bambach + Zsuzsanna Ozsvath