PhDs Awarded in 2011

May 2011

Lawrence A. Amato, The Ethical Imagination: An Interdisciplinary study of the relationship between responsibility and creativity
Co-chairs: Charles Bambach + Frederick Turner

Timothy V. Christopher, Using Game Theory Techniques and Concepts to Develop Proprietary Models for Use in Intelligent Games
Chair:  Thomas Linehan

Frank Garrett, The Ethics of Translation
Chair: Charles Bambach

Natlie Gaupp, The Hypnagogic State: A Play for the contemporary theatre
Chair: Rainer Schulte

Greg Giddings, The Contemporary Construction of Masculinities: Pat Conroy, Larry Brown and Barry Hannah
Co-chairs: Robert Nelsen + Dennis Kratz

Chih-Yuan Huang, Image-Based Lighting in Integration of Computer-Generated Imagery and Live Action for Cinematic Visual Effects
Chair: Thomas Linehan

Dhruba Karki, The Action Hero in Popular Hollywood and Hong Kong Movies
Chair: Thomas Riccio

Gayle Moran, Missing Pieces: A Search for place and purpose
Chair: R. Clay Reynolds

Scott Trent, Digital Media-Based Design That Facilitates Collaboration
Chair: Mihai Nadin

William G. Wells, A Critical Matrix for Evaluating Twenty-First Century Jesus Story Films
Chair: Frederick Turner

August 2011

Margaret D. Adams, The Fashioning of Identity in the Art of James Magee: Sculptor, poet, painter, architect
Chair: Charissa Terranova

Michael L. Austin, The Phenomenological Impact of Interface on the Analysis of Digital Music and Sonic Art
Co-chairs: Frank Dufour + Robert X. Rodriquez

Cindy K. Renker, Creatio Ergo Sum: Paul Celan's Dialectic of Creation: A (Re)Encounter with Romanticism
Co-chairs: Zsuzsanna Ozsvath + Charles Bambach

December 2011

Majed S. Al-Lehaibi, Religious Motifs in Leftist American Literature of the 1930s
Chair: Milton A. Cohen

Patrick W. Dennis, Roger Bacon's Mathematical Thought:  A Translation of Part IV of the Opus Maius with Introduction and Commentary
Chair: Pamela S. Gossin

Diana C. Gingo, Film Adaptation, Intertextuality and the State of the Field:  A Study of Adaptive Modes
Chair: Adrienne L. McLean

Fariborz Hadjebian, Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrence as an Eternal Revaluation of Values
Chair: Charles Bambach

Michelle L. Henry, Toni Morrison:  Re-Canonizing African American Femininity in Her Own Image
Chair: Theresa M. Towner

Christopher Lee Manes, The Human Tree
Chair: Susan Briante

Laura L. Mohsene, "The Women -- God Bless Them:" Dallas Women and the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s
Co-chairs: Michelle Nickerson + Natalie Ring

Nina Serebrianik, Subverting the Subversive:  The Fantastic and the Mundane in Post-Soviet Russian Fantasy
Chair: Rainer Schulte