PhDs Awarded in 2010

December 2010

Thomas B. Douglas, Words From the Rubble: Wolfgang Borchert's representations of the inexpressible
Chair: Zsuzsanna Ozsvath

August 2010

Shazia Ali, The Alternate Universe: Language, death, and memory in memoirs of atrocity
Chair: Zsuzsanna Ozsvath

Robert D. Flowers, Experimental Cinema in the Age of Binary Data: The Digital alternative to the celluloid image
Chair: Thomas Linehan

Ricardo Gonzalez, Chinese Gong Fu: The Embodied myth
Chair: Thomas Riccio

Jaime Lynn Jordan, Being and Becoming: Literary representations of liminal femininity in nineteenth-century Britain
Chair: Pamela S. Gossin

Heather D. Wood, Viva La Revolución: A New view of women's art and mass media in America in the 1980s
Chair: John Pomara + Robert S. Nelsen

May 2010

Ayman A. Alamoudi, The Bio-Digital: Being a cybernetic organism—cybernetic embodiment in contemporary abstraction
Chair: Thomas Riccio

Jann P. Mackey, Howard Meyer: Architect
Chair: Richard R. Brettell

Kristin S. vanNamen, Coming of Age: Theories, constructs, and creativity
Chair: Robert S. Nelsen

Gary R. Brown, The 1929 Davos Disputation Revisited
Chair: Charles Bambach

Marina Ozernov, John Dewey's Cultural Naturalism: Culture in terms of language, experience, and continuity
Chair: Daniel Wickberg

Marina Delgado, The Female Grotesque in the Works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, and Frida Kahlo
Co-Chairs: Dennis Kratz + Rainer Schulte

Desiree L. Ward, Weaving with Threads of Hope: Postmodern narrative strategies and the novel
Co-Chairs: Robert S. Nelsen + Erin Smith