PhDs Awarded in 2009

December 2009

Sharmistha Basu, The Perfecting nature of art in King Lear
Chair: Frederick Turner

Elmira P. Cranfill, George Santayana's influence on Eliot, Pound, and Stevens: The tradition of Lucretius, Dante, and Goethe
Chair: Timothy Redman

Wade A. Crowder, Phototextuality: From real to modern
Chair R. Clay Reynolds

Thomas A. Mackenzie, Cutting the darkness; Re-envisioning postmodern American fiction through a Native America worldview lens
Co-Chairs: Robert S. Nelsen & R. David Edmunds

Vanessa Paugh, Hyperdoll theory of artificial personality for non-player characters in computer games
Chair: Midori Kitagawa

Michelle D. Pauken, The Life and work of Alejandra Gessler y LaCroix: A Spanish woman artist in 19th-century Paris
Chair: Richard Brettell

Rashmi Ramachandran, An Idli in the Sky: An exploration of the domestic novel in India
Co-Chairs: Robert S. Nelsen & Erin A. Smith

Kenneth J. Richards, The Role of affinity in New Netherland border disputes: A reevaluation of Dutch-English relations in New Netherland, 1624-1674
Chair: Carla Gerona

August 2009

Nicholas P. Ippoliti, Echo of McCallum: The U.S. protest-narrative, logotherapy, and the songwriting process
Chair: Robert X. Rodriguez

Pia K. Jakobsson, Beyond Gender: The negotiation of public identity in 18th-century Britain
Chair: Gerald L. Soliday

James Lee Welch IV, Interdisciplinarity and the History of Ideas
Chair: Daniel B. Wickberg

May 2009

Kristi Rowan Humphreys, Faulkner On Stage
Chair: Theresa M. Towner

Louay M. Khraish, The Fruits of Severance: An historical novel through a feminine perspective
Chair: Robert S. Nelsen

Elizabeth Lisot, Passion, Penance and Mystical Union: Early modern Catholic polemics in the religious paintings of Federico Barocci
Chair: Deborah Stott

Monir Saleh, Incubation Period in Artistic Creation from Mythology to Neuroaesthetics: An interdisciplinary study in aesthetics and psychological science through a psychoanalytical perspective
Chair: Frederick Turner