Arts and Technology/Emerging Media and Communication

UT Dallas has established itself as a pioneer in the new kind of education needed to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century. In 2004, the University’s School of Arts and Humanities introduced the Arts and Technology (ATEC) program, Texas’ only comprehensive degree-granting program designed to explore and foster the convergence of computer science and engineering with the creative arts and the humanities.

Currently, UT Dallas offers the BA, MA, MFA and a new PhD degree in ATEC. The curriculum has three integrated aspects:

  • Students acquire technical mastery.
  • Courses link technology with the creative arts.
  • The program encourages a larger philosophic and cultural perspective.

The degree plans allow students to design personalized programs that draw on areas including animation, interactive narrative and games, virtual environments and sound design. All students participate in group projects and many have the opportunity to engage in research with faculty.

In 2008, the School introduced a complementary major - Emerging Media and Communication (EMAC) - that focuses on the uses, impact and implications of digital technology for communication, culture and commerce. The major offers courses of study at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, leading to BA and MA degrees.

Student in classAnimationMotion Capture Lab