The sculpture program operates as an auxiliary offering to the Visual Fine Arts and Arts and Technology programs. Its function is multifold with a primary focus on the development of a conceptual idea or expression. This is achieved through the organization of three-dimensional space, while addressing the demands and constraints of the form and function of materials and processes and their cultural relevance.

A course in three-dimensional design is recommended as a precursor to subsequent advanced courses. This serves as an introduction to the vocabulary of 3D design principles and construction techniques. Advanced sculpture courses are designed to introduce students to hands on material investigation through a variety of problem solving initiatives. Each semester offers a course with a different unique problem to resolve, from inventing mobile homeless shelters to a visual expose' on reinventing nature or the designing of a futuristic playground. All projects consist of a relevant historical review of sculptural issues, attitudes, styles and artists. Figure sculpture using nude models is also offered under the advanced sculpture listings.