Faculty in Visual Arts

Last, First Email Office Phone Title
Belcher, Betsy bbelcher@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 972-883-2002 Lecturer 1
Booker, Paul pdb041000@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 972-883-2002 Lecturer 1
Brown-Pearn, Spencer brownpearn@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 Lecturer 1
Carter, Rebecca Rebecca.Carter@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 Lecturer 1
Cochran, Kristen knc103020@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 Lecturer 1
Copeland, Colette colettemedia@aol.com Lecturer 1
Durant, Stephanie durant@utdallas.edu ATC 3.909 972-883-7508 Senior Lecturer in Photography
Egan, Trey Trey.Egan@utdallas.edu Lecturer
Lacy, Mary Ellen melacy@utdallas.edu AS 2.112 972-883-2292 Lecturer 1
Ligon, Peter pal140130@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 Lecturer 1
Loving, Emily emily.loving@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 Lecturer 1
Martinez, Manuel manuel.martinez1@utdallas.edu JO 5.424 Professor of Creative Writing and Literature
Metz, Greg glmetz@utdallas.edu AS 1.104 972-883-2774 Senior Lecturer
Min, Inki iam140230@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 Lecturer 1
Miranda, Jeffrey jxm069000@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 Lecturer 1
Morris, Michael mam142230@utdallas.edu Lecturer 1
Nielsen, Christina Christina.Nielsen@utdallas.edu ATC 3.903 Lecturer 1
Palmer, Marcy mxp070100@utdallas.edu AS 2.112 972-883-2292 Lecturer 1
Pomara, John pomara@utdallas.edu ATC 3.915 972-883-2675 Professor
Rappmund, Peter peterborappmund@gmail.com Lecturer 1
Tady, Lorraine lorraine.tady@utdallas.edu ATC 4.903 972-883-6753 Clinical Assistant Professor
Waligore, Marilyn waligore@utdallas.edu ATC 3.913 972-883-2001 Professor

The majority of the faculty can be reached by mail at:

(Faculty member's name)
School of Arts and Humanities, JO 31
University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080-3021

However, you should click the faculty member's name above to view their bio, and make sure their mail station is stated as JO 31, just to be sure.