Our Advantage

Through its interdisciplinary approach to education, reflected in a curriculum that emphasizes connections and collaboration, the School of Arts and Humanities fosters the critical and creative thinking necessary for success in the 21st century.

A world characterized by global interaction and rapid change requires men and women of agile intelligence who can integrate expertise with imagination, communicate effectively across cultures, and respond confidently to new challenges and opportunities.

All our undergraduate majors prepare students to examine complex issues from multiple perspectives. Their deep knowledge of a specific discipline is complemented by their ability to draw on insights and approaches from their exposure to literature, history, philosophy and the creative arts. The Arts and Performance major has two outcomes: the honing of artistic talent and enabling students to understand and describe the process of artistic creation. The Historical Studies major encourages students to explore the past in critical and creative ways using a wide range of resources. The Literary Studies major hones the complementary ability of our students not only to interpret but also how to create poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Our graduate degree programs produce scholars who employ a range of issue-appropriate methods and sources to explore complex issues.

In an era that tends to emphasize the results of education as a marketable commodity and an emphasis on "skills," we offer an integrated education that emphasizes—through courses, workshops, studio practice, and independent study—both measurable skills and immeasurable inspiration. Our goal is to hone our graduates' ability to interpret critically, question incisively, imagine expansively, perform compellingly and communicate convincingly.

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