A&H space reservation policy:

This policy is for UT Dallas classes, A&H events, UT Dallas organizations and 501(c)(3) organizations. For organizations and individuals that do not meet these criterea, or for inquiries regarding the use of other venues on the UT Dallas campus, please visit the university reservations page.

Reservations will be awarded based on the following priority system:
  1. Classes and curricular needs¹
  2. A&H sponsored Events
  3. Rehearsals and other course related needs for registered students
  4. UT Dallas sponsored Events
  5. UT Dallas student organizations (with UT Dallas faculty sponsor)
  6. Outside/non-UTD/501(c)(3) groups (with UT Dallas staff/faculty sponsor)²

Room reservations may be made by a faculty or staff sponsor only.

Emailed approval of a request for space will constitute a completed reservation. Two business days are required for processing requests.

¹ = Classes and curricular needs will be scheduled first. Sometimes curricular needs arise during the semester—these will be accommodated as a priority when they occur. When a space has multiple requests for the same time/date, space will be assigned to the highest priority or the first requestor.

² = Outside organizations will only be granted space through a faculty or staff sponsor. That sponsor is required to request the space and is responsible for the condition of the space and its use, including providing admittance and ensuring proper use of equipment and security.

All individuals and groups reserving rooms must abide by the following guidelines:

Registered faculty-sponsored student organizations may reserve space through their faculty advisor for the entire semester after the start of the semester, allowing time for unanticipated curricular needs to be met as the semester schedule firms. Organizations could be asked to vacate for limited curricular or A&H sponsored event needs that may arise. Under those circumstances, the organization will be offered an alternate space in A&H controlled rooms, if available. An alternate space is not guaranteed.

Faculty-sponsored organizations will be scheduled for one rehearsal per week for the semester whenever possible, as needed by the organization. If the organization requests more rehearsal time, this will be accommodated when possible.

Reserved space awarded to non-curricular organizations may be canceled for curricular needs and A&H events with limited notice.

See the Levels of Reservation Priority above for more details on the different levels of priority.

Room usage rules:

The faculty or staff sponsor will need to ensure that the students use the space appropriately according to usage rules laid out by The School of Arts & Humanities. It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff sponsor to ensure that student organizations are aware of the policies for use.

Basic rules for all spaces:

  1. Do not leave trash or personal items.
  2. Room must be returned to original condition (room set up, chairs, stands, etc.).
  3. No food and drink other than water in enclosed containers.
  4. Permission to use room is not transferable.

Students or organizations in violation of these rules may be banned from reserving A&H spaces and unauthorized use will result in a loss of privileges.

Rooms available for reservation:
  • AH1 1.110 Small Rehearsal Room
  • AH1 1.104 Instrumental Room
  • AH1 1.106 Choral Room
  • JO 2.604 Performance Hall
    • Faculty sponsor must be present to oversee student groups using the Jonsson Performance Hall. This is due to the School's reliance on the space as a public venue, and the presence of valuable equipment such as the grand piano. By submitting the space reservation form you agree to make a reasonable effort to ensure the security and appropriate use of the space and equipment during the time requested. It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff sponsor to report any damage observed to A&H. If the reservation request includes access to media equipment, requestor may be asked to attend a training session before being granted access.
    • If you are requesting space in Johnson Performance Hall and require podium access and equipment (i.e. DVD, Microphone, Projector, Powerpoint, etc.), you must contact Media Services by email or call 972-883-4900.
  • JO 1.216 Rehearsal Hall
    • No street shoes
    • Stereo system unavailable
University Theatre cannot be reserved through this system. Please contact Kristi Barrus for more information.

A&H space reservation procedure:

  • Please check the availability of space by going to our spacebook.
  • Requests for spaces that are already in use for curricular activities will be automatically rejected.
  • The School of Arts & Humanities will not consider requests for any use of space, either by UT Dallas organizations or by outside organizations for rental, until curriculum has been scheduled for the semester of request.

UT Dallas organizations may reserve these spaces at no cost through the School of Arts & Humanities. Any request from a UT Dallas organization must be made by a UT Dallas faculty or staff member who will serve as an advisor or sponsor for the organization. Any student must go through a faculty or staff advisor or sponsor to request space.

If you are requesting space in Johnson Performance Hall and require podium access and equipment (ie. DVD, Microphone, Projector, Powerpoint, etc.), you must contact media services at [email protected]or call 972-883-4900. Additional charges may apply. For questions about renting, call Bethany Wilson at 972-883-5100.

For general questions regarding The School of Arts and Humanities not related to our rental policy please visit our contact page.

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