Confucius Salon

The Confucius Salon is a free workshop as well as an informal forum for reading, introducing, and discussing Confucianism. When it first started in 2008, its focus was on reading the writings by Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi and other Confucian thinkers. From its 20th session in 2010, it has broadened the scope and changed into a general forum on Chinese culture. While it retains its former focus on Confucianism, it also comprehensively covers major aspects of Chinese culture including history, literature, arts, and society. This change allows the Salon to invite a more diverse array of speakers and accommodate additional personal interests in learning about China. After a few years of growth, the Salon has become a brand among the Confucius Institute’s cultural events and a platform for those who want to exchange their thoughts and understanding about China.

As a rule, it is held in room JO 4.102, 4PM-5:30PM on the last Saturday of each month (except summer and holidays).  For more information, please send email to [email protected], or call:  972-883-2760.

2017 Fall Confucius Salon