Chinese Culture Courses

Tai Chi for Health
Tai Chi is medically proven to bring about health and wellbeing. Practicing Tai Chi a few minutes each day can help lower blood pressure, boost immune system, reduce stress and improve strength and balance. Tai Chi for Health will focus on 24-style Tai Chi Quan, 32-style Tai Chi Sword, Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi and other Tai Chi styles.  Join this gentle but powerful exercise to experience its healing and nurturing effects for your body and mind. Students who have mastered the required skills in the styles they have learned can take Danwei Test (段位考试) and get the certificate issued by the China Martial Arts Center if they pass the test. The certificate is a proof of Tai Chi levels and qualifications of being a Tai Chi teacher.  No prerequisites are required.
Duration: 30 hours/session. Cost: $150

Chinese Ink & Water Painting
This course is designed to familiarize students with the history and basic skills of Chinese ink and water painting. Students will learn how to paint conventional objects such as plants, flowers, animals and other typical themes in Chinese painting. With an introduction to famous Chinese painters and their works, students will obtain an overview of traditional painting styles and basic Chinese painting skills through painting exercises on various subjects, and learn to appreciate traditional Chinese artworks.

Chinese Calligraphy
This course teaches the history and basic techniques of Chinese calligraphy with an introduction to the artworks of the well-known masters. Students will learn basic skills of Chinese brush work and the theory of Chinese calligraphy in order to create their own calligraphy pieces. They will also learn how to appreciate the master works of this unique Chinese art form and cultivate their own style of writing Chinese characters.

Chinese Paper Cutting
Paper cutting is the art of creating patterns or pictures by cutting paper in various ways. Although the art has evolved all over the world in different cultures, it is believed to be originated in China after the invention of paper in the second century BC. This course introduces the history and basic techniques of Chinese paper cutting and helps students appreciate this special Chinese arts form through creating their own paper cutting works.

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