Frequently Asked Questions about Confucius Classroom

  1. What aid and support can a Confucius Classroom get from the Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Confucius Institute at UT Dallas?
    An officially established Confucius Classroom can get the following support from the Headquarters and the Institute:
    1. A Start‐up fund of USD$10,000 in cash and up to USD$20,000 Chinese language teaching and learning equipment and materials.
    2. Use of over 1,000 volumes of books, audio‐visual, multimedia materials or courseware for Chinese teaching and learning.
    3. Annual operation/project funding support based on the individual Classroom’s operational situation and projects.
    4. Chinese teachers and volunteer teachers provided by the Headquarters if necessary.
    5. ISD superintendents, school’s principal and other administrators will have the opportunity to be invited to attend sponsored trips to visit China and conduct educational exchanges with schools in China.
    6. Students of the Classroom will have opportunities to attend sponsored summer camps to China in the summer.
    7. The Confucius Institute at UT Dallas will assist the Classroom in management, funding application, project development, budget and financial accountings.
  2. What obligations will an individual school have if they establish a Confucius Classroom?
    1. Start or strengthen the teaching of Chinese in the school.
    2. The school principal or superintendent takes part in the management of the Confucius Classroom to ensure the success of the Classroom.
    3. Provide personnel and facilities for the Classroom.
    4. Provide matching funds for the Classroom if possible.
  3. What requirements each school should meet to apply for establishing a Confucius Classroom?
    Generally, any government accredited elementary and secondary school can apply for establishing a Confucius Classroom. The Confucius Institute at UT Dallas screens schools based on their location, history, size, course levels and many other factors that may affect the Chinese program. The Confucius Institute Headquarters makes their decision on whether the application is approved or not based on the Institute’s report and the application documents from the school.   
  4. What documents are required from the school to be submitted for the application?
    1. A letter from the principal or the superintendent, addressed to the Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Confucius Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas, expressing the willingness and commitment to establish a Classroom.
    2. Application proposal, which briefly states:
      1. The school’s history, size, courses and levels, local influence of the school, etc.
      2. Demands on Chinese language learning and current situation of Chinese language teaching at the school.
      3. Plan for the prospective Classroom, including Chinese language classes, cultural activities, events, etc.
      4. Other support the school can provide for the Classroom.
  5. How long will it take to get approved after submitting the application?
    It depends. Normally it takes several weeks as the documents will go through different departments in the Confucius Institute Headquarters before it is signed for approval by the Head of Confucius Institute Headquarters. The Confucius Institute at UT Dallas will keep close track of the application and keep the school informed of the status of the application.
  6. Who can you contact for the Confucius Classroom Program?
    If you have any question, please contact:
    Sharon Yang
    Tel: 972-883-4860, Fax: 972-883-2989, Email: [email protected]