Room Reservations for A&H ONLY

The scheduling of various rooms on campus is handled by several different offices. Each department has their own room reservation contact. For campus wide room reservations visit the UT Dallas Event Planning: Room Reservation page.


These are scheduled through the Registrar's Office. Each department has their own room reservation contact.

Arts & Humanities faculty and staff may Michelle Lemon in the dean's office. She will request a reservation for the classroom from the Registrar's Office by completing the online form for schedule-pub. Please note, this form must be completed by a staff member. Forms submitted by students will not be accepted by the Registrar's Office.

Other Rooms and Outdoor Spaces

List of rooms/contacts not scheduled by registrar's office, includes rooms scheduled by Art & Performance.

Student Union Rooms

Complete the online facilities use application, Student Union Reservations.

A&H Conference Rooms

Program/Area Room Capacity Contact
Jonsson 5th floor JO 5.602 10-12 Any staff member in the dean's suite can make a reservation on the shared Outlook Calendar
ATEC     [email protected]

*The information on this page pertains to the Arts & Humanities Faculty and Staff only. For information related to other departments, please contact your department's scheduling contact or administrative assistant.