Policies and Procedures - Accounting and Financial Reporting - The University of Texas at Dallas

Policies and Procedures

Policy/Procedure Description
Allowable Cost Table This page provides quick and easy access to resources for Principal Investigators.
UTD Cash Handling Policy (DRAFT) The purpose of this Policy is to institute controls and standardize cash handling policy at The University of Texas at Dallas.
UTD Credit Card Acceptance Policy Use this document to review UTD policies and procedures for accepting credit card and electronic payments.  All staff involved in processing credit card payments must be made aware and have access to these documents.
Cost Center Closeout Procedure The document explains the procedure for closing out a cost center and how different types of cost centers are handled during the cost center close out process.
PeopleSoft Cost Center Request Forms This presentation walks the user through the process of requesting a cost center change or requesting a new cost center to be created.  An example of what the form looks like can be found under the ‘Forms’ tab at the top.

How do I access Cost Center Change Request Forms? – The forms are located in PeopleSoft under ‘Employee Self-Service.’ The forms must be requested or approved by (Fiscal Officers, Deans or Division Heads). If you need help with the process of requesting a new cost center or have questions about the form, please call Stephanie Williams at x2637 or Gayathri Sivakumar at x4702.

Cost Center Reconciliation This document provides a brief overview of the cost center reconciliation process.
Disclosure Statement The federal government requires educational institutions that receive significant federal funding to disclose their cost accounting practices by completing a disclosure statement, referred to as the DS-2. The University of Texas at Dallas submitted this document to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in January 2005.The DS-2 document contains basic policies and procedures about UTD’s accounting practices regarding direct and indirect costs, service center charges, and employee benefits as they pertain to federal sponsored projects. Employees who are or might be involved in creating federal proposals, budgets and authorizing expenditures of federal funds must be familiar with the policies and procedures described in this document and summarized in the enclosed DS-2 Fact Sheet.
DS-2 Fact Sheet The federal government requires institutions that receive more than $25 million in federal research contracts or grants to disclose their cost accounting practices for measuring, assigning and allocating costs in a disclosure statement, DS-2. The disclosure statement provides the federal government with more fiscal controls to ensure greater efficiency, effectiveness and accountability by institutions receiving federal grants or contracts. The UT Dallas Office of Budget and Finance created the DS-2 document, which follows the format, prescribed by the federal government and represents the pertinent UT Dallas policies and procedures.
IDT Journal Approver Quick Guide This job aid provides step-by-step directions on reviewing and approving the Intra/Inter Departmental Transfer Journal.
IDT Journal Quick Guide This job aid provides step-by-step directions on creating the Intra/Inter Departmental Transfer Journal.
IDT Procedure An IDT is an auditable general ledger journal transaction that enables authorized users to transfer revenue or expenses from one cost center to another.This policy is designed to facilitate uniform completion and processing of Intra/Inter Departmental Transfers.
Service Centers Service Centers are established for the purpose of providing goods and services to University customers. The Centers are expected to offer goods or services that are unique, convenient, or not readily available from external sources while also not being subject to external market forces. A written request, initial approval, and an ongoing review are needed for all service centers.