Equipment Policy

The Equipment Policy provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to scheduled miscellaneous articles such as:

  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Geological equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Scientific equipment

The policy insures against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause, except as excluded within the policy. Coverage terms and conditions include a limit of $20,000,000 per occurrence, not to exceed $1,500,000 for any one item. There will be $1,500 per occurrence deductible except for laptops which have a $1,000 per occurrence deductible.

The policy provides worldwide coverage excluding North Korea, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Liberia and Cuba. The policy excludes coverage during over-ocean cargo shipments; however, ocean cargo coverage can be placed to supplement the Equipment Policy.

Equipment Claims Reporting

All losses should be promptly reported to using the Potential Claim Incident Report Form. After the initial review by UT Dallas, the information will be sent to The University of Texas System (UT System) Office of Risk Management (ORM [Office of Risk Management] ) for processing.

Please take reasonable emergency measures to mitigate any further damages. All incidents involving theft or vandalism should be reported to the Campus Police and local Police Department.


Property of The University of Texas at Dallas shall be valued up to the current market value of the property at the time of the loss. Property of others loaned to UT Dallas shall be valued at amounts agreed upon by the insured and owners.

Settlement of Claims

The insurance carrier will investigate, evaluate and offer settlements, less any applicable deductibles, on reported losses. ORM [Office of Risk Management] will review settlement offers with UT Dallas, and if the offer is accepted, forward payment as appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my department purchase the coverage?

Please complete the necessary information in columns A-M for each piece of equipment you wish to insure on the Equipment Description Spreadsheet (XLS [Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet] ). Each item must include either the Serial Number or Inventory Tag Number (or both, if available). Omission of this information may result in a lack of proper coverage. If a Serial/Inventory number is not available, please create one so that items can be uniquely identified at the time of loss.

The current rate for FY12 is set at .594 per $100 of value. Once the equipment is added, a request for Interdepartmental Funds Transfer (IDT [Interdepartmental Funds Transfer] ) will follow for the premium amount.

How can my department obtain a Certificate of Insurance for the covered equipment?

Send a request to Please allow 3-5 business days for processing through UT System and its insurance carrier.

How does my department renew coverage?

The System-wide Equipment insurance policy period runs from November 1 through October 31. As the date approaches for each year, the Office of Administration will contact the administrative officers of each department to renew coverage for the next policy period.