Why did you choose to attend UT Dallas?
UT Dallas has the best engineering program.
What is your favorite memory of ABP?
The move-in immediately after my high school graduation. I didn’t know what to expect, but the staff were welcoming and made me feel that UT Dallas was the place to be.
What advice would you give incoming ABP students?
I would encourage students to take advantage of this great opportunity. ABP provides tools that will aid in their future college goals.

Student Profile: Dranoel Wilson

UT Dallas senior Dranoel Wilson went straight from high school to college all in the same weekend in 2008.

“I was actually kind of excited and nervous at the same time because I graduated from high school that weekend. Then I had to move in,” recalled Dranoel, who is an electrical engineering major. “It was like an instant transition as opposed to people waiting the whole summer just kind of anticipating. I jumped straight into it.”

As part of the Academic Bridge program, he lived on campus with three roommates during his first semester that summer. One of his roommates, Ed Cyprian, became a good friend and they both became active in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).

“At one point, he was president and I was vice president of NSBE,” Dranoel said. “It (Academic Bridge) creates a sense of friendship and bond before going to college. I got a little head start.”

Dranoel, who is currently president of NSBE, has always had an interest in computers and video games. He said he is keeping his options open after he graduates. He said he’d like to go work for a company such as Texas Instruments or continue studying engineering in graduate school.

Dranoel said many people have helped him throughout his time in the Academic Bridge program.

“I have to give my most highest regards to Desta Seifu because he’s the head tutor,” he said. “He always has words of encouragement to help people through. He’s really helped me out.”

Dranoel is a Terry Scholar. He is also a member of Students Are Made Equal and the Black Student Alliance.