The University of Texas at Dallas is home to bold innovators whose vision and accomplishments have paved the way for our bright future.
January, 1970
Memorial Lecture Series Begins

The Anson L. Clark Memorial Lecture, the oldest endowed lecture series on campus, begins, attracting distinguished speakers like Dr. Carl Sagan in 1976.

January, 1971
Dr. Jordan Joins UT Dallas

In July, Dr. Bryce Jordan becomes the first president of UT Dallas. Jordan previously served as the president of The University of Texas at Austin. He would serve UT Dallas for the next decade, going on to become vice chancellor for academic affairs for The University of Texas System in 1981.

Lee H. Smith (right) with librarian James Dodson (left) and founder Cecil Green (center).
March, 1971
A New Dean of Faculties

Lee H. Smith is appointed dean of faculties.

May, 1971
The First Logo

President Bryce Jordan and his assistant Donna Beth McCormick design UT Dallas’ first logo, with the letters “UTD” in a box with orange, white and green colors.

An architect’s vision for the campus mall included a monorail system.
July, 1971
Campus Development Plan

In an effort to continue the founders’ dream of a state-of-the-art educational facility, UTD releases a campus development plan to build upon its Richardson campus.

January, 1972
Nobel Laureate on Campus

Dr. Polykarp Kusch becomes the first Nobel laureate on the UTD faculty. His work in accurately determining the magnetic moment of the electron as being greater than its theoretical value led to innovations in the field of quantum electrodynamics. Yet, despite his prowess in the laboratory, Kusch’s heart was with his students. As he once put it, “I describe myself as an adequate scientist, but I am a superb teacher.”

Van Alen Hollomon of the Hoblitzelle Foundation (center) grants 275 acres to Chancellor Charles LeMaistre (right) and UT System Regent Dan C. Williams (left).
March, 1972
A Generous Land Donation

UT Dallas receives a generous donation of 275 acres of land from the Hoblitzelle Foundation and the Texas Research Foundation.

May, 1972
Dr. Sherry Joins UT Dallas

Dr. Allan Dean Sherry joins the faculty as an assistant professor of chemistry.

UT Dallas campus in 1972
July, 1972
UT Dallas Earns Accreditation

After a rigorous review, UT Dallas earns its accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

January, 1973
Berkner Hall Opens

Named for the GRCSW’s first president, Lloyd V. Berkner Hall opens its doors.

March, 1973
Dr. Heelis Joins UT Dallas

Dr. Roderick A. Heelis joins UTD as a research scientist in space science. He would later be appointed professor of physics in 1989.

From left: Wang-Kong Lam, Susan Seabury Mahlum and Ronald Allan Hawkins.
May, 1973
First Graduation Ceremony

UTD holds its inaugural graduation ceremony. The first graduates include Wang-Kong Lam in physics, Susan Seabury Mahlum in biology and Ronald Allan Hawkins in physics.

July, 1973
First Undergraduate Dean

UT Dallas appoints Dr. Regina Mary Jane Kyle as executive dean for undergraduate studies.

January, 1974
Dr. Clark Joins UT Dallas

Dr. Alexander Clark joins UT Dallas as vice president of academic affairs. During his time on campus, he recruits over 130 faculty members, conducting 550 interviews in 1975 alone.

March, 1974
Dr. Armstrong Joins UT Dallas

Dr. Robert Plant Armstrong joins the School of Arts and Humanities faculty, where he would serve until his death in 1984.

May, 1974
Pioneering PhD

Maureen B. Steiner is the first woman to receive a PhD from UT Dallas, earning her doctorate in geosciences. She becomes a pioneer in the studies of geomagnetism and paleomagnetism.

First undergraduate juniors and seniors wait to register.
January, 1975
Juniors and Seniors Welcome

UT Dallas admits undergraduate juniors and seniors for the first time. At an affordable total cost of $195 per semester, students from neighboring Dallas County Community Colleges queue to enroll on Sept. 16, 1975.  The first class numbers 3,333 students.

March, 1975
Callier Center Joins the University

The Callier Center for Communication Disorders joins UT Dallas. The Callier Center provides innovative evaluations and treatments for people with speech, language and hearing disorders.

May, 1975
Dr. Schulte Arrives at UTD

Dr. Rainer Schulte joins UT Dallas’ School of Arts and Humanities.

July, 1975
New School on Campus

UT Dallas establishes the School of Management. Students can develop their skills for professional success in six areas of business: accounting, finance & managerial economics, information systems, marketing, operations management, and organizations, strategy & international management.

September, 1975
Welcome Dr. Redlinger

Dr. Lawrence J. Redlinger joins UT Dallas as associate professor of sociology.

October, 1975
UT Dallas Appoints Galerstein to Lead School of General Studies

The University appoints Dr. Carolyn Lipshy Galerstein as dean of the School of General Studies.

November, 1975
Five New Buildings on Campus

The Eugene McDermott Library, Cecil H. Green Hall, Erik Jonsson Academic Center, Hoblitzelle Hall and the University Theatre open.

November, 1975
School of Management Welcomes Dr. Chandrasekaran

Dr. Ramaswamy Chandrasekaran joins the faculty as associate professor in the School of Management.

November, 1975
Dr. Rodríguez Joins the University

Dr. Robert Xavier Rodríguez becomes assistant professor of arts and humanities.

Items from the History of Aviation Archives
January, 1976
Archive Takes Flight

The History of Aviation Archives, a world-class aeronautical archive and library, is added to UT Dallas’ Special Collections.

February, 1976
The Love Jack

Margaret McDermott, wife of founder Eugene McDermott, donates the 10-foot-tall steel Jack sculpture, affectionately called the “Love Jack” by students. Created by American modernist sculptor and Texas native Jim Love, the Love Jack is currently located at the Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building.

ADVANCE front page covering 1976 commencement/graduation
March, 1976
First Bachelor’s Degrees

UT Dallas awards its first bachelor’s degrees at spring commencement.

Astronaut James F. Reilly II wears a training version of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) spacesuit.
July, 1977
James Reilly II, Distinguished Alum

James F. Reilly II graduates with a bachelor of science in geosciences. Reilly goes on to earn a master’s (1987) and PhD (1995) from UT Dallas. After his time on campus, Reilly would go on to explore the Hobbs Coast of West Antarctica, the deep ocean with the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution and U.S. Navy, and outer space as an astronaut for NASA. In 2018, Reilly is appointed director of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The Visual Arts Building, aka “Art Barn”
January, 1978
Two New Buildings on Campus

The Alexander Clark Center and Visual Arts Building open. The Visual Arts Building, also known as the Art Barn, provides art students with gallery space to present their work. Both the Clark Center and the Visual Arts Building are torn down in the 2010s to make room for more development.

February, 1978
UT Dallas Welcomes Dr. Coleman

Dr. J. Michael Coleman joins the faculty as an assistant professor in the School of Human Development (School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences).

March, 1978
Arts & Humanities Brings in Medievalist Dr. Kratz

Co-editor of the Translation Review, former president of the American Literary Translators Association and a medievalist by training, Dr. Dennis M. Kratz becomes associate professor of arts and humanities. He later becomes dean of the School of Arts and Humanities.

January, 1979
‘Dean of Deans’ arrives on Campus

Dr. Bert Moore joins UTD as program head of psychology. He goes on to lead the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences as dean for 26 years. During his work at UT Dallas, Moore would serve as a professor of clinical psychology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, a member of the American Psychological Association and serve on review panels for the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

February, 1979
New School of Social Sciences Faculty Member

Dr. Anthony Champagne joins the University as associate professor in the School of Social Sciences.

March, 1979
Cecil Lecture Series

Dr. Andrew R. Cecil begins a lecture series with distinguished scholars in residence. Lectures center on questions of philosophy, justice, freedom and universal ethical values. Cecil would speak at every lecture from 1979 until his death in 1996.