William Vandenberghe

Assistant professor
University of Texas at Dallas
Department of Material Science & Engineering (MSE)  
800 West Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75080

E-mail: wxv101020 (at) utdallas.edu
Office: BSB 13.538 (map)
Phone: 972-883-5793

Picture of WV
We have been awarded the Defense Threat Reduction Agency's Young Investigator Award.
Our work "Dielectric properties of hexagonal boron nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides: from monolayer to bulk" was published in NPJ 2D Materials and Applications.
We received a 3-year award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to perform research on "Plane-wave Electronic TRAnsport (PETRA)".
Our work "Imperfect two-dimensional topological insulator field-effect transistors" was published in Nature communications.
Our paper "Modeling Topological-Insulator Field-Effect Transistors using the Boltzmann Equation" received the 2nd rank in SISPAD's 2016 best paper award
I am looking for good students interested in studying electron transport at the nanoscale using theoretical methods. In a RA position, the research would consist of using existing codes to study materials, developing new theoretical approaches, and writing the appropriate code to study electronic properties in new materials and devices.
Suitable majors are Materials Science, Electrical Engineering and Physics.
Interested students can email their CV and GRE scores.
Research interests
My research focuses on the study of electron transport at the nanoscale using theoretical methods.
My present focus is on studying the use of two-dimensional materials and topological insulators for new devices.
During my PhD I focused on the transport in Tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs) and their principle of operation Band-to-Band Tunneling (BTBT).
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