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Dr. Meghna Sabharwal is a faculty member in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at UT-Dallas and Assistant Professor in thePublic Affairs Program.Her research interests are focused on workforce policy as it relates to job satisfaction, productivity, and diversity. Her expertise lies in studying these issues with special attention to the scientific enterprise of the United States. She received a two year (2012-2014) NSF grant to study Return migration of academic scientists and engineers from the United States to India.

Dr. Sabharwal received her doctorate in public administration fromArizona State Universityin 2008. She worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the City College of New York, City University of New York (CUNY) before joining the faculty at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2009.

Educational History:

PhD - Arizona State University, Public Administration, 2008
MS - Arizona State University, Agribusiness Management, 2003
BS - Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad, India, Agriculture, 1998

Research Interests:

Human Resource Management
    Workforce diversity
    Job satisfaction and productivity
    Comparative Human Resources Practices
High-Skilled Migration

Courses taught at UTD:

PA 2325: Introduction to Public Service (online)
PA 3333: Human Resources Management
PA 3335: Organizational Behavior
PA 6345: Human Resources Management
PA 6311: Public Management
PA 6319: Special Topics: Diversity in the Public Sector

Research Publications


Sabharwal, Meghna and Evan M. Berman (2013). (Eds.). Public Administration in South Asia: India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Taylor and Francis.

(Book review published in Public Administration Review by Gerald Caiden, 73(3), 540-546).

N. Joseph Cayer and Meghna Sabharwal. (2013). Public Personnel Administration (5th Ed.). Birkdale Publishers Inc.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Sabharwal, Meghna, Imane Hijal-Mograbhi, and Marcene Royster. Preparing Future Public Servants: Role of Diversity in Public Administration. Public Administration Quarterly (forthcoming).

Sabharwal, Meghna. (2013). From Glass Ceiling to Glass Cliff: Women in Senior Executive Service. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (in press).

Sabharwal, Meghna, and Iris Geva-May. (2013). Advancing Underrepresented Populations in the Public Sector:Approaches and practices in the Instructional Pipeline. Journal of Public Affairs Education (in press).

Sabharwal, Meghna and Qian. Hu. (2013). Participation in University-Based Research Centers: Is it Helping or Hurting Researchers? Research Policy, 42(6-7): 1301-1311.

Sabharwal, Meghna. (2013). Comparing Research Productivity Across Disciplines and Career Stages. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, 15(2): 141-163.

West, Jonathan, Loo-See Beh, and Meghna Sabharwal. (2013). Charting Ethics in Asia-Pacific HRM: Does East Meet West, Ethically? Review of Public Personnel Administration, 33(2): 185-204.

Sabharwal, Meghna. (2013). Productivity and Leadership Patterns of Female Faculty Members in Public Administration. The Journal of Public Affairs Education, 19(1): 73-96.

Sabharwal, Meghna. (2011). High-Skilled Immigrants: How Satisfied are Foreign-Born Scientists and Engineers Employed at American Universities? Review of Public Personnel Administration, 31(2): 143-170.

Sabharwal, Meghna. (2011). Job Satisfaction Patterns of Scientists and Engineers by Status of Birth. Research Policy, 40 (6): 853-863.

Corley, Elizabeth A. and Meghna Sabharwal. (2010). Scholarly Collaboration and Productivity Patterns Public Administration: Analyzing Recent Trends. Public Administration, 88(3): 627-648.

Sabharwal, Meghna and Elizabeth A. Corley. (2009). Faculty Job Satisfaction across Gender and Discipline. The Social Science Journal, 46(3): 539-556.

Relly, Jeannine, and Meghna Sabharwal. (2009). Perceptions of Transparency of Government Policy Making: A Cross-National Study. Government Information Quarterly, 26(1): 148-157.

Sabharwal, Meghna and Elizabeth A. Corley. (2008). The Categorization of Minority Groups in Academic Science and Engineering. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 14(4): 427-446.

Corley, Elizabeth A. and Meghna Sabharwal. (2007). Foreign-Born Academic Scientists and Engineers: Producing More and Getting Less Than Their U.S.-Born Peers? Research in Higher Education, 48(8), 909-940.

Sabharwal, Meghna. (2005). Factors Affecting Persistence Rates among Arizona State University Freshmen and Implications for Policymaking. Perspectives in Public Affairs, 2: 21-33

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E-mail: meghna.sabharwal@utdallas.edu
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Office: Green Hall (GR) 2.238

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