ACS Meeting Dallas 2014

Group Picture in 2012

Group 2012

Group Picture in Oct 2011

Oct 2011

Group Picture in Sep 2010


Group Picture in Jan 2010


Harsha Magurudeniya - Ph.D. Student

Research project:     New Catalyst for Grignard Metathesis Polymerization
                                       Polymers for OLED applications

Harsha Magurudeniya

Elizabeth Schmiedel - Ph.D. Student

Research project: Amphiphilic Thermoresponsive Polycaprolactones for Drugs Delivery Applications

Elizabeth Schmiedel


Former Students

Mahesh Bhatt - Ph.D. Student

Research project: Liquid Crystaline Semiconducting Polymers

Mahesh Bhatt

Ruvini Kularatne - Ph.D. Student

Research project: Donor-Acceptor Semiconducting Polymers


Patricia Granowski - Graduate Student

Research project: Synthesis of stimuli responsive biocompatible polymers for drug delivery applications



Prakash Sista - Ph.D. Student (graduated Fall 2011)

Research project: Benzodithiophene semicondcuting polymers for organic electronics.


John Servello - Undergraduate Student

Research project:Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic block copolymers

John Servello