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Tobias Hagge - Mathematical Home

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Welcome to my mathematical home page. Since 2008 I have been an assistant professor in the department of Mathematical Sciences at U.T. Dallas, studing fusion categories, knot theory, and quantum logic. As of May 2015 I'll be taking a break from working in academia to pursue some computer science and software engineering interests.


I have written a resume. The link is to a public version with personal information omitted. Please contact me for the complete document.

Contact Information

Email is the best way to contact me. My address is my last name. My gmail address (for non-university matters or after May 2015 please) is my full name.

Research Interests

My mathematical research deals with algorithmic issues in knot theory and foundational issues in quantum computing (and especially, topological quantum computing). My resume lists my publications and preprints and provides brief descriptions intended for nonspecialists.

I'm working with my Ph.D. student Matthew Titsworth (physics) on the classification of fusion categories. We're also developing software to aid in the classification of fusion categories and computations with the known examples. It isn't quite ready for general release, but inquiries are welcome. Here are some examples of automatically generated output for the fusion rules of the fibonacci category and the quantum double of S3.

My Ph.D. student Zach Elewitz is working on a generalization of the Polyak-Viro algebra which allows the construction of knot and plane-curve diagram invariants which are not of finite type.

In preparation for a career transition, I'm currently refreshing and expanding my background in algorithms, parallel/high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

Degrees and placements

As an undergraduate, I also spent time at Carnegie Mellon University (as a computer science and then graphic design major), and later at St. John's College of Santa Fe (in the great books program). While a Ph.D. student, I was a visitor for three years (2005—2008) at U.C. Santa Barbara. I was a visitor at The University of Iowa during the summer of 2008.


Information about my teaching philosophy, as well as specific courses taught, can be found here.
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