Upcoming Conferences:

· ASHRAE 2013

· Conf. on Porous Media 2013

· ICMF 2013

· ICTEA 2013 (Member of scientific committee)

· ICNMM 2013

· ASME 2013 Summer HT (Topic Organizer)

· InterPACK2013 (Track Co-organizer)

· IMECE 2013


Text Box: 2012

Navid Omidvar received the ASME NTS graduate student award. Congratulation Navid!

Laura Small graduated and joined AkerSolutions. Congratulation Laura!

Manali Shukla graduated and joined 3D Systems Inc. Congratulation Manali!

Ms. Negin Mortazavi received Honorable Mention poster award at the 2011 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Congratulation Negin!

Dr. Hassanipour received New Investigator Award from The American Chemical Society - Petroleum Research Fund.

Dr. Hassanipour received Faculty Diversity Award, UT Dallas. 

Ms. Molly McGregor received the ASME NTS undergraduate student award. Congratulation Molly!

Ms. Negin Mortazavi received the ASME NTS graduate student award. Congratulation Negin!

Dr. Hassanipour received Young Engineer of the Year Award, ASME NTS.

Dr. Hassanipour received CATALYST Grant.

Dr. Hassanipour received ORAU, Ralph E. Powe Award.

Molly McGregor received the 2010 Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulation Molly!

Hosting and mentoring Daniel Lorenzini-Gutierrez and Isaac Perez-Raya from University of Guanajuato, Mexico and Jeremy Hintz, from Plano High School.

Text Box: 2011
Text Box: 2010

Dr. Hassanipour received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Dr. Hassanipour was a keynote speaker at ASME 2012 ICNMM conference, Puerto Rico.

Molly McGregor’s commencement speech. Congratulation Molly!

Dr. Hassanipour received a grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) jointly with Drs. Anvar Zakhidov and Vladimir Pozdin from the UTD NanoTech Institute.

Negin Mortazavi graduated with MS degree (now PhD student). Congratulation Negin!

Jeremy HintzText Box: 2013

Navid Omidvar graduated with MS degree and joined Int. Oilwell Varco. Congratulation Navid!

Two new PhD students (Sarvenaz and Xudong) and two MS students (Kristen and Srinath)  have joined the research group (starting Fall 2013). Welcome to the group!

Hosting and mentoring Nusha Laleh (ME sophomore) and Lauren Camarillo  from Irma High School, (Program of Young Women in Science & Engineering Investigators).

Hosting and mentoring Saamer Mansoor (ME sophomore) and Taha Akhawala (EE freshman) from UTD and  Kaurthik Poondi, from Plano High School, (Clark Summer Research Program).

Srinath Iyengar