Elizabeth Mary Salter Ph.D.

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----Baffin Island ('75-'78)

Antigua ('99-?)----

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Title: Assistant Dean, College Master General Studies
Ph.D. University of Toronto- Biological Anthropology
Teaching Activities: Bones, Bodies and Disease
Caribbean Archaeology Lab
Dig the Caribbean (Summer Field School) (see powerpoint
Human Female: Biology and Culture
Humans: Our Place in Nature
Areas of Expertise: Aging, Craniofacial Anthropometry, Skeletal Biology
Selected Publications: Craniofacial Anthropometry: Practical Measurement of the Head and Face for Clinical, Surgical and Research Use.  (with J. C. Kolar) Charles C. Thomas, 1996

Preoperative Anthropometric Dysmorphology in Metopic Synostosis. (with John C. Kolar) American Journal of Physical Anthropology 103:341-351 (1997)

Three-dimensional caricatures of human heads: distinctiveness and the perception of facial age. (with A. J. O'Toole, T. Vetter and H. Volz) Perception 25:719-732 (1997)

Skeletal Biology in the Twentieth Century: from Piltdown to the Present (with J. C. Kolar) Reviews in Anthropology 22:153-164 (1993)

Selected   Honors : Praxis Award 1997 (with J.C. Kolar) from the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists for excellence in applying anthropology to problems of the contemporary world.

Teaching Award - Best Teacher in the Social Sciences. Awarded by the Students Administrative Council and the Association of Part-time University Students, University of Toronto.

Contact: Room 2.244 in Green
Phone: (972)-883-2323
Fax:     (972)-883-2440
e-mail: [email protected]